About Me

Here's where you get to learn a little more about me and the blog. 

I was born and raised in New Jersey (no, I do not resemble or sound like anyone on the Jersey Shore or Jerseylicious) and migrated south to our Nation's capital for college.
Over the past 10 years (yep, you read that right. TEN.), I've explored many of the sights, restaurants and fun outdoor activities the DC area has to offer. I met some of my closest friends in this city and I like to think DC is where I 'grew up'. 

Although DC is chock full of memories and all things familiar for me, I recently decided it was time for a change. So I migrated west...

Yep, I'm a brand new San Francisco resident (as of April 2010!) hoping to pursue big things! I fell in love with the city in 2006 when I visited for my first marathon and I just kept coming back. I loved the weather, the laid back atmosphere, and the wine and food scene...I just needed to make the big decision.

I made that decision and now I'm here. It's been a little tough starting from scratch and being away from my friends and family, but I think it's totally worth it. I'm looking forward to exploring everything the Bay Area has to offer and have no shame in partaking in super touristy activities ;)

I started this blog in April 2009 after reading a few other blogs. I found that I had a few things I wanted to share with the world. If they were interested, cool; if not, also cool. Turned out some people actually liked reading my rambles! Wooo!

In turn, I've met (eh, not quite sure how to put it since I haven't physically 'met' all of them) some bloggers that I have a lot in common with...people I may not have met had it not been for the blog. I've also learned about a ton of fun food and running products. Win win, yeah?

For you Run Beans, Run newbies, here's what I like to post about:

Running Routes - I used to share running routes a lot more when I lived in DC since I was familiar with the area. Now, it's more of a 'let's see if Karena can make it home without getting lost or hiking up a huge hill' thing. I hope you enjoy my misadventures as much as I do ;)

Restaurants - I love food...any and all kinds. I'm so excited to explore the food scene in San Francisco, but my wallet isn't so excited. If I find a great bargain (or even a tasty, non-bargain) trust me, it's getting posted.

Recipes - I love cooking food almost as much as I love eating it. I have a really hard time following directions, so cooking from recipes really aren't my thing. Everyday in my kitchen is an experiment and nothing makes me happier than a day of cooking. Weird? I don't think so. I will warn you that sometimes my experiments go wrong. I post them anyway because you never know...maybe someone else's tastebuds will enjoy it.

Doodads, Gadgets and Treats - I have a problem. I am a sucker for fun packaging and nifty gadgets. You'll notice it soon enough.

Travel - I enjoy exploring, photographing, and feasting through cities and countries. Some recent travels include Budapest, Grenada, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo. I was on a roll for awhile, visiting a new country once a year, but I think this big move might put a damper on those plans this year.

Races - I like running races (read about my running addiction here) and sharing my experiences with others. It always helps when you know what to expect around that next corner! I'm not that fast, but that's ok. I run because I enjoy it and to beat myself. 

I hope you enjoy reading!