Monday, November 9, 2009

Mimosas, Fried Chicken & Waffles, Gorgeous Weather.

Apparently a weekend trip to San Francisco isn't complete without Bottomless Mimosa Brunch!
We paid a visit to Bar Johnny in Russian Hill
where we drank some deliciously refreshing mimosas and noshed on
Fried Chicken & Waffles.
The chicken was perfectly crisp and boneless, though it could have used some seasoning or even just salt in the batter, but whatever, it had me at first crisp. It came with syrup and a barbecue-y chutney sauce that had a little kick to it - great combination.

They also had an amazing plate of
Fried Chicken & Mac n Cheese that looked like heaven. Such creamy looking macaroni!

We continued the madness at Pier 23 Cafe, a pier turned bar with a gorgeous view of the bay.
Well, we were sitting in the middle of the deck so lots of people got into my picture :\

Lots of drinks and snacks were consumed, though no happy faced glasses of sangria
and then we went in search of more food...duh!

We made a last minute decision to see Norm Macdonald (ha, remember him?) at the Warfield Theatre so we rushed over there to buy tickets before heading to the Mission for some pupusas!
La Santaneca De La Mission was worth the transit adventure. We were in a rush so we quickly ordered and were so excited when our pupusas arrived. I got three pupusas (don't judge!) - pork, pork with beans and cheese, and pork with cheese. To go with the pupusas, there was a fresh salsa and a tangy cabbage slaw that was a perfect balance with the richness of the pupusa. Perfect $6 meal. Yes, $6.
I had the plain pork first, followed by the pork bean and cheese pupusa and um, I'm not a fan of the pork, bean, cheese combo. I think I just wasn't into the texture of the beans? The plain pork pupusa was by far the best piece of food I had all day :)

I threw the last pupusa in my bag for later since we had to get over to the Warfield ASAP.
We found our seats during the opening act and promptly fell asleep. Apparently an early morning followed by a day of eating and drinking is not a good idea before 1.5 hours of Norm Macdonald. I found myself randomly laughing and passing out. Good times!

We were all exhausted by the time we got back to the apartment so we immediately went to bed - early morning departure for wine tasting the following day! I think that's a good sign vacation has arrived, no? Wait til you hear about my not so pleasant surprise the next morning...


Anonymous said...

Well, seems like even though you didn't get to see me, which would probably have been the highlight of your trip, you still managed to have a terrific time! AND good food, too! I don't think I've ever tried fried chicken and waffles before..sounds GOOD!
Oh, and gorgeous weather? SF?! Where do you live?! Oh yeah. Dreary, rainy, DC...

Quinn said...

OMG - that breakfast looks freaking amazing. Your eats look sooooo good! wish we could have eaten more together there!