Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day Parte Dos

After our Ferry Building adventure, we hopped a cab over to the Presidio so we could do one of the walks in my trusty walk book.

It took us through old and new parts of the Presidio, new really meaning the Letterman Digital Arts Center. I think the center blends perfectly with the older buildings as it reflects a modern spin on the older buildings. Am I a mega nerd for appreciating this? Perhaps, but I work with architects. Of course I'm going to notice this sort of thing!

Well, almost everything blended in with the old...
I also enjoyed the peaceful landscaping and creek installation. I seriously wouldn't mind working at a place like this...
*big sigh* As you can see it was a little foggy/overcast on much that the top of the Palace of Fine Arts is missing!

We did another walk from the Presidio through Crissy Field and Fisherman's Wharf before hopping on our Explorer Cruise of the San Francisco Bay. The 90 minute tour took us past Alcatraz
Ta daaa! Finally out of the fog!

And past the Bay Bridge
With views of Treasure Island and everything the East Bay has to offer. On the way back the fog let up for a bit and we had phenomenal views of the city.

Dinner on Saturday was at a restaurant in my neighborhood called luella. Selin had mentioned this restaurant before so I figured we should give it a try. I loved it the minute we walked in. It's small, but not cramped and the decor has crisp, clean lines but feels cozy. It seemed 'fancy' at first but the waiters rock jeans so it lacks that stuffy feeling. My kind of place :)

Bear with me, I just looked at my photos and they're incredibly dark and blurry since I didn't use my flash :(

EVERYTHING on the menu sounded are the items we enjoyed:

Ahi tuna tartare tacos with lime vinaigrette and mango salsa - These were delicious, but I thought there was a little too much mango salsa going was all I tasted. Yummy, but I really wanted to taste some tuna.

Veal meatballs with tomato porcini sauce - AWESOME. I wish I could dump this plate onto a crusty roll topped with cheese. Moist and flavorful meatballs in an equally delicious sauce.

Grilled local halibut with lemon beurre blanc, asparagus, and farro salad - Light, zesty flavors in this dish were a perfect end to the day.

Seared beef "Wellington" in puff pastry with horseradish cream, bone marrow butter and Yorkshire Pudding - Woah. Jamie got this artery clogger and I sampled. Richest. Dish. EVER. My first time trying Yorkshire Pudding and it was tasty, but I felt like I was just sucking down pure fat. Way too rich for me.

It was also a dessert sort of evening so we split two between the three of us:

Blueberry lemon cake with cream and caramel - the description didn't make me jump at the plate, but o my was it light, fluffy and delicious. Who knew I liked blueberries and lemon??

Banana creme pie with chocolate sauce - I usually don't like banana desserts (ripe bananas and I don't get along) but this was excellent. Crisp crust and slightly sweet filling topped with home made whipped cream.

Luella is definitely worth checking out if you're in Russian Hill. It doesn't hurt that they also offer a $33 prix fixe menu Monday thru Thursday. Ah haaa!

Next up, a day of wine tasting!

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