Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quasi deep thoughts by yours truly

As I wrote all those Labor Day weekend recaps, referencing previous visits to San Francisco, it dawned on me how many times I flew out here before moving. It was as if I jumped at every opportunity to visit the city that would soon be my home. Wait a second, who am I kidding? I DID jump at every opportunity.

It's now edging on 5 months since the big move and I've had a few friends ask me if I'm happy I moved out here and oddly enough, this question always shocks me. Do I seem unhappy? I mean, I guess my transition has been pretty mellow with a few "I miss DC" moments popping up here and there. It's expected though, right? I did leave everything comfortable back east for an unfamiliar city where I only knew a couple of people.

It's a tough question to answer. I can't give an emphatic yes or no. Maybe it's because I've been so caught up in work and running or maybe it was just too gradual of a transition (with all the previous visits) to affect me? I don't know. I feel like I've fallen into a somewhat comfortable, busy routine. Sure, I wish I knew more people and had more close friends to randomly call for an impromptu dinner/drink/veg out session, but I know all of that will come in due time.

Yeeeaah, I think I'm pretty happy I moved here. It's the first city I chose to live in. It's not somewhere my parents picked, it's not a city I had to move to for school, it's not a city I lingered in out of comfort; it was my pick and I like it.

I like that a 17 mile run (that should have been 20) excites me because of all the new sights I can look forward to.

I like the fact that if a running buddy and I want some banh mi post-run, there are a ton of nearby options.

I like being able to picnic in Golden Gate Park in the middle of September in a tank top in front of the gorgeous Conservatory of Flowers.

I like having fresh, local, cheap produce all the time.

A lot.

So yeah, I think it's safe to say I'm happy.

I know a few of you have also made some big moves and life changes recently. Are you happy with your decisions?


J said...

When I first moved from LA to DC I struggled with loneliness/homesickness but eventually just decided I needed to jump in to my new city with both feet and see all it had to offer. 3 years in, I still wish I had more friends and I miss a lot about CA but I've been able to embrace DC as "home" and that feels good. So yes, I know exactly how you feel.

Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said...

Glad to hear it! :) It's always a transition, leaving a place with such deep familiarity for somewhere new. But like you said, you chose to be there and it's a whole new adventure!! I've had a few of those thoughts in the past few months - but CO being so beautiful and having so many opportunities has made the change pretty easy ;)