Sunday, March 27, 2011

In with $20...

Out with $6. I think that's a successful shopping trip, no?

We finally got a break from the rain and I enjoyed a stroll around the farmers' market after my TRX class (more on that later). It was a surprisingly busy day at the market, but there was still some good produce to be found! Here's what you'll be seeing this week:

Two varieties of kale: regular and Red Russian. According to one of the farmers, Red Russian kale is a little tougher and a bit sweeter than the regular variety.

Leeks, taters, and A carrot. I'm still not sure why I only bought one carrot.

Kai-lan, or Chinese broccoli. I was excited to see a huge table full of asian greens - bok choy, yu choy, you name it!

Broccoli Rabe - I'm seriously obsessed with the bunches I get from Happy Boy Farms. They're not as bitter or tough as the ones in the grocery store and they cook pretty quickly since the stems aren't super thick. Love.

Cara Cara oranges! C'mon, you knew that was coming :)

Stay tuned for my creations!


Jamie said...

wow - you're pictures look great. did you do anything different this time?

Karena said...

light. natchrul.