Saturday, May 15, 2010


Why o why can't I decide?

So I joined the training program with the intent to run this
Well, not the full marathon, but the half. Now I need to decide which half to run...decisions, decisions. The first half starts super early (I think by 6, 6:30) with the full marathoners and runs a course very familiar to me. The second half starts around 8 or so and begins in Golden Gate Park and runs through places I've never been to before. Torn. Here are the pros and cons for each:

Starts near home
Familiar course
Across Golden Gate Bridge
Regular start

Ends on other side of city
Windy bridge
Decent hills

Ends near home
Unfamiliar territory
Fairly even elevation

Don't know how to get to start
Don't know what I'm getting into
No bridge

Even after typing those out, I still can't decide. HELP!! Which would you pick? Have you run this race before?? Do share!


Jamie said...

there is a bus to the start of the second half of the marathon. you should do the back half...

yuko said...

Hi Karena,

Your brother's gf told me about your blog a few months back and I've been reading ever since - its so entertaining (just so I don't sound like a complete stalker!)!

Anyway, not sure if any of this info will help, but I ran the 1st half of the SF half marathon in '08 and loved it - it was my very first half and the scenery was fab! No prob catching a cab (or hopping on the race shuttle) to the finish either. Running over the Golden Gate Bridge was my fav part of the race! My friend ran the 2nd half and mentioned parts of the course were slightly ghetto looking and was just "ok."

Karena said...

yuko - thanks for reading!! i actually ended up registering right before seeing your comment and am doing the 2nd half :\ Turns out after reading the materials from my training group, they're all doing the 2nd half. Ah well. There's always next time!