Monday, May 17, 2010

Now that was interesting...

So guys...I had my very first Bay to Breakers experience this weekend. Apparently it's a must see/do in the city. Originally I planned to run the 12k tour of the city, but changed my mind after I saw the registration fees and learned a little more about the race.

For those of you not familiar with the famous footrace, I think my coworker put it best - "it's sort of like our Christmas and Halloween rolled into one day."

The race attracts serious runners as well as serious partiers and apparently it's THE place to be on a Sunday morning in May.

A group of us planned to set up shop in Alamo Square Park (you may know it as the Full House park haha) at 8am with some yummy adult beverages and snacks. It was a little chilly and cloudy, but ended up being a pretty decent day! We claimed some space right at the top of the super steep Hayes hill so we had a view of all the runners/walkers/drinkers as they began their descent.
It was pretty tame at first as we saw the serious runners pass by and they were followed by the quasi-serious runners that had a few nudies scattered about. O yes, did I forget to mention this race is known for the naked runners? Can't be comfortable. We watched with some calimochos in hand...ah college memories:
Eventually the partiers made their way up the hill and there were tons of costumes and ridiculous antics, like this dude over here:
Yep, he's dancing on a bus hut. It got a little more scandalous as the day went on and instead of taking pictures, I really just stared with my mouth open.

Then the random floats came by (lots of pics here), including this one:
Conveniently rolled by in the late morning, triggering the belly to scream 'I'm haawwnngry!' Oh, did I mention there was beer pong on the sidewalk and no one batted an eye? What is my new city?! I love it!

Eventually we made our way through this crowd
and snacked on some hot dogs and hung out with friends before making the trek home...where we promptly vegged out with some Pineapple Express and King of Thai Noodle. Ridiculously unproductive and irresponsible Sunday, but you know what? Sometimes you just need one of those days.

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