Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aaaand we're back to running!

After a good 2 week break (though, I'm not too sure I'd call it a break with all the stuff I got done) from running, I made my triumphant return on Tuesday night.

I wanted to introduce Jamie to my Tuesday night ritual and all the fun people I've met so far. I don't think either of us was really prepared for a 5 mile run. Nope. Not at all.

It was a gorgeous day for a run with just a touch of wind. My stupid bus never showed up and I started panicking about making it in time. I got creative with alternate bus routes and ended up getting dropped off a few blocks further than originally planned. I booked it to meet Jamie and then we jogged a bit to get to the Marina Green in time.

Plan was to head over the Fort Mason hill and see how I was feeling once we hit the turn around for 4 miles. I started out feeling a little pukey and tired (I think I was just really worked up from being late and running to the run) and I definitely felt that 2 week break. Yeeh. Not fun.

Jamie and I ended up doing 5 miles and I barely had enough energy to shuffle back up the Fort Mason hill at the end. Then I looked at my watch. We were running well under 10 minute pace. OH. That's why. D'oh! We ended up finishing in 48 minutes and even though my legs weren't tired, my lungs were. Tsk tsk tsk!

What kept me going the whole time? Knowing that group dinner was at Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers (yeah, I need a week of meat detox ASAP)! I browsed the menu earlier that day and the turkey burger craving hit.
To start, Jamie and I split a half order of Sweet Potato Fries. They definitely lived up to their reputation :) I kept things simple and ordered a Barney's Turkey Burger (flame-broiled ground turkey. Served with fresh red onion, tomato, lettuce & pickle). I also opted for some American cheese on my burger. What? I actually prefer American cheese over Cheddar on my burgers. There's just something about a Kraft Single that screams backyard bbq.

My burger was ENORMOUS. It was almost the size of a CD! Don't worry, it wasn't super thick...just alarmingly flat big. Anyway, I thought it was cooked well...flame broiled - check. Cheesy goodness - check. Lots o ketchup and mustard - check check!

Jamie opted for a fancier burger. He got the Guacamole Burger (burger with guacamole and sour cream) and it looked super messy.

That's it for this quickie non-photo post! More to latest project: making meals on the cheap. Stay tuned. It should be interesting.

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