Monday, June 7, 2010

annyeonghi gyeseyo


I am coming back to the States on Tuesday.  This has been the longest three months (haha) of my life, but I have absolutely no regrets.  The Republic of Korea is a stunning, friendly, delicious, confusing, and sometimes frustrating country.  It is a weird feeling to leave the place I have called home for the past eight months.  It is hard to contain my excitement to get back stateside…but, at the same time I definitely have some sadness about leaving the ROK.  I guess you could say I have “gone bamboo” a little.  Maybe bamboo is the wrong term, “gone kimchi” or “gone garlic” is probably more applicable.  I have made some great friends at both bases and without them my time here would have been a fraction as enjoyable.  So with that I would like to say farewell to the ROK.  You will be missed, but don’t worry, I will see you next year :)

Some things I will miss:

  • soju monster
  • one dollar soju
  • two litre bottles of beer
  • korean food (lets be honest, korean food in the States is good but it can’t touch the real thing)
  • konglish
  • kunsan and songtan
  • my subs and korean family
  • panchan and self service
  • amazing and efficient public transportation

Some things you may see me doing in the States:

  • bowing
  • eating communally (more than normal)
  • making “x” signs with my fingers or hands
  • saying “aahhhh” or grunting in acknowledgement
  • using two hands to accept/hand things over
  • asking for “changeee”
  • speaking in korean accidently
  • use of non-proper english (most already know my limited grasp on the american language)

Things I will not miss:

  • kimchi blossoms
  • wondering what i just ordered
  • 83 inches of snow
  • working in negative temperatures
  • juicies

These lists are not complete at all.  I’m sure I could add tons more to all three.  The above items are just what came to mind as I typed this post up.  I hope you guys have enjoyed my reports on Korea.  I still have a couple of ideas up my sleeve and have to fill everyone in on the side trips I took once I moved up north (including a visit to the DMZ).

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