Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caipirinhas, Fish Tacos, Martinis...Oh Heeey!

Friday night meant a yummy dinner party followed by a night out bar hopping. I played sous chef as Selin made some yummy fish and shrimp tacos,

her 'crack sauce' (I mentioned my green crack sauce and we realized we used several similar ingredients), cabbage slaw,
salsa, corn and black bean salad and...
Caipirinhas! Between seven of us, we polished off an entire bottle of cachaca before heading out on the town. Many good times were had and the evening was quite a blur.
Needless to say, we weren't exactly functional the next day.

I love vacation.

We had a late start on Saturday morning and went to Yank Sing for some dim sum. Selin had been talking about this place for awhile and said the dim sum was legit and worth the extra cash (we're used to super cheap dim sum places). Oh my god. No joke.

So dim sum is a little too overwhelming for me so I never remember to take pictures - things just happen too fast and honestly, I'm usually more concerned with flagging carts down and eating the tasty treats. (Thanks to some intense Google image searching, I found a couple pictures of our dishes.) We sat right next to the kitchen - money spot! Immediately we grabbed some Pork Shumai,
Shrimp Dumplings,
BBQ Pork Buns, and Shanghai (soup) Dumplings.
Heaven! I was SO excited they had soup dumplings! I haven't had them since our trip to Shanghai a few years ago! These were nice and gingery and had just the right amount of meat and soupy goodness inside.

We HAD to throw some fried goodies in for good measure. Some Fried Prawns and Sesame Bean Balls were welcomed to our table as well as these awesome fried glutinous rice balls filled with a savory (somewhat barbeque flavored) meat filling. I loved the crisp shell paired with the sticky, slightly sweet rice and salty meat!

Selin's friend flagged down the Peking Duck cart and I originally wasn't going to sample any...until the woman opened her basket of buns! So you know how Peking duck is usually served with thin flour pancakes? These were fun little steamed bun pockets!
So much better than the thin, dry wrappers!

Sadly, we ended up passing up the rest of the lovely day for a nap post dim sum. At least the window was open haha. We got a couple of things done before heading out for (surprise!) dinner at Henry's Hunan in Noe Valley. Apparently we HAD to devour some meat pies. I never object to meat in pie form :)

We get to the restaurant, sit down and the five of us order three of Diana's Special Meat Pies. The waiter questions us and says 'Three?! No, maybe two.' Oh no, we were determined to order three. We then proceed to order one entree each so we can dine family style...and for some reason our waiter didn't question that decision. Hm.

The meat pies arrived and oh my they exceed my expectations! Basically seasoned meat, cheese and lettuce are sandwiched between two crispy flour tortillas. Sprinkled with some chili sauce, they were absolutely perfect!

A little note about the chili sauce I've come across on this trip - it's not only the chili flakes in oil. They mix up some fermented black beans in the chili sauce and it makes a nice salty, beany sauce! I want a jar!

For entrees, we barely made a dent in some Chow Mein Noodles with Prawn and Veggies
Bean Curd with Meat Sauce (aka Ma Po Tofu with some peas)
Hunan Spare Ribs
Sauteed Eggplant
Hunan Scallops
Ridic. We all went home with leftovers...not that we needed them! UGH! SOOO much food! Wait til you see what was consumed the following day ;p

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Kelly said...

Wow looks like you had a lot of delicious eats this weekend! The fish tacos look so good!