Monday, January 10, 2011

Lofty Goals

I finally got around to cleaning out Google Reader (there were seriously 500+ posts to read. eek) and I felt a little bit better about my disappearance from the blog world. It appears that a few of you took a mini break as well! Phew!

This GR clean up also brought a bunch of New Years Resolution/Goal posts to my attention. Naturally, I went back to check out my 2010 goals...
  1. Explore the world of cross-training. - ehh, I got a bike in November and rode it once before the new year. Methinks this will cross into 2011.
  2. Learn to like the elliptical machine. - I think I learned to be OK with the elliptical machine. Like is a very strong word.
  3. Complete Kelly's Elliptical Challenge. - fail. I think I made it a week or two, max.
  4. Run a 10K. - fail. Signed up for a 12k and ended up oversleeping. D'oh!!
  5. Make a big decision. - SUCCESS!! Two big decisions actually. Yay me :)
  6. Take calcium supplements. - Meh. I went with adult gummy vitamins instead.
  7. Log runs. - not so successful.
  8. Don't stress about not blogging. - Clearly I had no problem with it in December ;p
  9. Run a half marathon in 2 hours flat. - SO CLOSE! Again, carrying over to 2011
  10. Try a new food item once a month. - Lost track :(
I think this is why I don't do New Year's resolutions. Ah well, there are a couple things on that list that can carry on over to my 2011 goals. Maybe this time next year, I'll be able to cross those puppies off ;)

Just a few more to add to the list:
  1. Bike to work - I know it's what I got the bike for, but there's that whole riding with traffic thing. It makes me nervous. Really nervous. Ehhh.
  2. Complete marathon #5 in 4:50 or less - Seriously, this will be my 3rd attempt. I've used a 4:45 pace band for the past 2 marathons and this past year was the closest I've gotten. Gotta close it out right.
  3. COOK MORE! - 'nuff said.
How do you feel about making resolutions/goals? Thoughts on not meeting them?

I promise I'll get back to cooking soon. Seriously, cooking just isn't as fun when it's just for one person...and after a long day at work...and with no dishwasher. :(


MarathonVal said...

Great goals... I would LOVE to break 4:45 for the marathon this year too, fingers crossed! It's like every marathon I run I get slightly slower and slower, lol

Morgan said...

Girl you've got this!!! Just keep the faith and get on that cross training to keep you healthy! :)

We should run a Half together to break 2 hours... seriously, I don't know why I can't seem to break it!

melissa (fitnessnyc) said...

Great goals. You'll rock em