Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Easy does it...

Howdy strangers. Sorry for being MIA...I've been a bad food photographer all week and I really hate posting without pictures :( Plus, gotta put in some QT with Jamie!

I really only cooked once since my last post and honestly, that seems so long ago and I can't remember what I put in it! Oops!!
I do know it was Pork Stirfry and I marinated the pork tenderloin in a splash of Maggi Seasoning, soy sauce, maple syrup and garlic. I also used asparagus, radishes, green pepper, shiitake mushrooms, shallots and celery. The sauce is a little fuzzier...I think I used some oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil and maybe some chili garlic sauce? Yeah, that sounds about right ;)

We had a pretty full weekend after that...
  • Saturday was a running fail. New kicks were good, achilles not so much. About 10 minutes into our run, I decided it just wasn't happening. It wasn't super painful or anything, but I knew it wasn't right so I stopped. I also decided that the Army Ten Miler wasn't going to happen either. Super bummed. :(
  • Dinner at Fogo de Chao - if you haven't been, it's basically all the meat you can possibly eat...served on swords. I think we've been there way too many times to mention :[
  • Engagement party at McFadden's where I totally got the shifty eye from random, barely 21 year old girls in the bathroom - pardon me for wearing flats and barely there makeup. Psh. I also saw what might be the GROSSEST thing ever - some girl in the stall next to me put her BARE FEET on the bathroom floor...UM, no. Never. Ever.
  • Since I was too broken to run the ATM, Jamie agreed to fill in. I'm a big nerd so I went out to cheer...unfortunately he's too fast and I never saw him on the course haha. On the way back, we ran into a coworker of mine who suggested I check out this Achilles Tendon Support
    Did a little jog and walk around the store and was sold. It basically provides compression and stability for your achilles tendon and also raises your heel a bit to reduce stress on the tendon. God, I'm such a sucker for doodads.
  • Dinner at Jaleo in Crystal City - I think we've now been to all the Jaleo locations in the DC metro area. We got two really good tapas that I had never tried before - Papas Arrugas (Canary Island-style wrinkled baby potatoes served with mojo verde - cilantro, cumin, garlic, sherry vinegar and olive oil sauce)
    This is what they looked like...sort of. This picture kinda looks like powdered Munchkins haha. Anyway, they were DELICIOUS - just the right amount of salt, warm and soft in the inside!

    The other new dish we tried was the
    Rossejat (traditional fried pasta, paella style, with shrimp cooked in a seafood broth).
    The flavor was nice and briny and the pasta was perfectly crisp on the top and full of seafood-y goodness!
After all that, we definitely needed a detox dinner. On Monday's dinner menu - Pre-packaged Mania:
Dole Southwest Salad Kit (it was the only kit the Giant had and it was a kit sort of day), to which I added a few handfuls of A
rugula Salad from another bag and some
O yes...Purdue Short Cuts Oven Roasted Turkey. I really hate these things, mostly b/c they smell weird and the texture is just not right. BUT, I did require a meat product in Monday's salad and in a pinch, these will do.

Overall, it wasn't exactly the detox I was looking for. The salad dressing was a creamy ranch/salsa thing and there was a lot of iceberg lettuce...I'm not an iceberg girl. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.
Are you picky about salad greens?

I also stopped to pick up one of these:
Just for my buddy Mr. Achilles! So far it's been treating me well. I like that it straps on. Totally wore it at my desk today ;)

I was feeling good so I decided to take the Achilles support for a test run. What I didn't know was that a work emergency would have me literally running up and down Connecticut Avenue trying to find an office supply store that sold 11"x17" plastic sheet covers for a submission due tomorrow morning. WTF? So I probably did about 2 miles with lots of stops and starts. I also learned that these sheets DO NOT EXIST IN STORES! UGH. I stopped at like 3 stores with no success! I ended up at my office and working without them.

Once I got home, Jamie had dinner all ready and it smelled amazing. What was on the menu?
Hyderabadi Biryani courtesy of
It was actually pretty good for a box mix! Spicy, slightly sweet from the lemon curd - delish! Definitely buying this box again! Jamie also grabbed a package of naan because well, naan makes everything more fun :p

Ok, time to ice and rest the leg before tomorrow's bootcamp class - I've missed about half the classes since this is a shortened session so I feel like I HAVE to make it to the next three...or else it's a waste.


Anonymous said...

Someone at the running group was talking about Fogo de Chao last night and said the EXACT same thing! haha - so, guess it's true? All the meat you can eat ;)

Love Jaleo (and their Sangria) and LOVE the sound of that pork marinade. Recipe please? :)

Melissa said...

I'm not a fan of that Purdue turkey/chicken either, but my mom bought the Butterball this week and it is really good! I was happily surprised. Were you at McFaddens during Octoberfest?

Rosey Rebecca said...

Ew barefoot in the bathroom!? Gross! I want meat served on swords!

Jessica said...

I love Fogo de Chao but I always feel SO full afterward. I fall into a meat coma!

J said...

Naan definitely makes everything better. Check out Kabab House on K street near 11th. I loooove their naan and cheap food.

Karena said...

Heather - I'll definitely post a recipe for the marinade once I remember the exact ingredients/measurements...I think I'm missing a couple. hm. LOVE the white sangria at Jaleo! I wish they served them by the glass :\

Melissa - not sure if it was during Octoberfest, but our friends had the upstairs bar reserved. I hadn't been in AGES and when I looked down from the balcony I saw all these girls dancing on the bar in green & white? omg. I felt SO old haha.

RR - um, double gross for being in a BAR bathroom!

Jessica - without fail, I end up in meat coma! I even told myself I was going to take it easy since we had to go out afterward! Nope. But somehow I found room for cupcakes later on in the night ;)

J - Across from Beck? I've heard good things and I might have to trek over there for lunch one day!

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

That stir fry looks great! I'm so sorry about you achilles and missing the Army 10:(

Fogo de Chao..what can I say? It's great, but I always feel like becoming a vegetarian after! haha

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Oh man... I love all the places you ate at... well except I used to go to Fogo with my ex so I need to go again with someone better and erase those bad memories lol

Hope the "doodads" help!!

I wanted to find you at the ATM but then I realized that there were like 50k ppl there and gave up :)