Friday, October 23, 2009

MCM Weekend is heeeeere!!

And I'm more anxious/nervous/excited/crazy than when I ran my first marathon! I think I'm just a bit jittery since this is my first marathon at home and the first time I'll have more than a one person cheering section (thanks, Selin ;p).

Went to the expo around 11:30 this morning and there were a lot more people than I expected to see at that hour on a Friday. It was pretty well organized, with the exception of the shirt area. I'm used to having my shirt size printed out on one of the taggy things off my bib and getting whatever shirt size I originally marked off. This was pretty much a free for all. The shirt people were just like 'So, what size do you want?' Not bad for people that got there early, but I'm thinking the late comers (translation: anyone who gets there tomorrow afternoon) will get stuck with bad sizes. Bummer.

The first shopping area you walk into sells all the Brooks Official MCM gear. I must say, I wasn't too thrilled with the selection, but I guess I was a little spoiled. I was really impressed with the selection at the Chicago Marathon Expo last year and it made the MCM Expo look itty bitty. I did manage to walk away with a fleece...because I'm a fleece whore and I can't say no to them.
I had some time to kill before I had to be at work (going home seemed like a silly option) so I metroed over to Dupont for some Chop't! I grabbed the San Antonio Cheesesteak Salad (o yes, SOOOO healthy ;p), sat on a stool by the window and prepared to browse some goody bag reading material. All of a sudden I hear "pour the dressing on the salad already!" I look up and it's one of my old roommates. Hooray!

Even though Jamie and I now live one building over from him, we rarely see each other so it was a fun surprise. Conveniently, Susan works a few blocks over so I messaged her to come meet up for lunch and then the next thing you know it's an impromptu roomie reunion! Woohoo! Yeah, I'm a bit too enthusiastic about everything right now.

No photos of the salad - didn't expect to pick up some food, so no camera. I will say it was pretty good and hit the spot considering I was craving red meat. However, I found it to be a little to rich for me about 1/4 of the way through. I'm one of those people that dips into salad dressing instead of pouring it in and this salad really didn't need any dressing. They went a little overboard with the pepperjack...blech.

For dinner, we planned on making a Tortilla Espanola but my pan wasn't cooperating and it ended up sticking so instead we had scrambled eggs with potatoes and tomatoes...not quite the same :(
Whatevs. Better luck next time...or perhaps a better pan. Hm...

Now on to the fun stuff...RACE DAY ATTIRE AND PLANS! I'm writing this now like a huge nerd because my parents will be in town tomorrow and we'll be running around (sadly, probably doing errandy sorts of things because I think the fun of 'visiting' DC has worn off after 9 years. HA).

Because I know you all care about what I will be wearing from head to toe ;p

V and I got these matching bright orange tanks from Under Armour:
I was going to iron on our names, but um, yeah...failed to notice that you can't iron these shirts. Now I'm stuck with 2 packs of iron on letters. Oh, did I mention that we drove all the way to Rockville last night to get them at Michael's? I mean, that's not all we got and we did get some sushi at Hinode for dinner (and who am I to turn down sushi) but still...what to do??

Underneath I will have my absolute favorite sports bra EVER. I have it in maybe 4 different colors and I HIGHLY recommend it :) Why yes, it is also orange!

I'll also be rocking those Nike capris I mentioned the other day
My precious Mizuno Wave Riders, shut up, I don't care if pink doesn't go with orange ;p
My Amphipod for good measure
To block the sun and tame my hair that keeps growing and I'm too lazy/poor to get it cut, one of my favorite race goodies (it was free too!):
Yeah, HI JERSEY! In case you happen to get stuck behind my run/walking ass :p
I'll probably throw this on for the first half of the race:
This was my 'souvenir' from my first marathon expo that I never really wore until this year. I love it's that perfect not quite fleece thickness, plus it's SO SOFT!!

And my gels because I just don't leave for a long run without them!
I might grab a Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane as well...maybe another mocha...we'll see how I'm feelin'.

AAAND the most important part:
I found temporary tattoo paper and I've decided to turn my happiest looking bean from my header into a tattoo for race day! Absolutely ridiculous, but I figured hey, at least it'll wash off and maybe people will recognize it?? Meh? So if you see a crazy lady with capris and a fairly large bean on her calf, be sure to say hi!! :)

Agh! It's already 11pm!!! I need to send out emails to my prospective cheerleaders to let them know where to meet up AND sort of clean for the folks.

If I don't get a chance to jump on here again before Sunday, good luck to everyone running the marathon and 10k this weekend!! See you on the road!!


Jessica said...

Yay! You found the temporary tattoo paper. I love your marathon gear - especially the fleece!

I would love to do the MCM sometime - but I think I need to get through my first half before I start dreaming of 26.2!

We Are Not Martha said...

Hope the race was amazing!!! The bean tattoo is adorable!!


Paige@ RunningaroundNormal said...

Yay for the Mizuno Wave Riders!! That's what I wear, too, and I love them.

That tattoo is awesome - I hope it does well during the race!