Thursday, October 1, 2009

Running withdrawal

AGHHHH! I NEEEEED to run >:o

The most frustrating thing is that I haven't had any pain...just a little tightness in my calf. I've been icing, so we'll see how my easy treadmill adventure goes tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!!

We've had some random dinners the past couple of nights. For example, last night we had breakfast for dinner - Aebleskivers!
Aebleskivers are a traditional Danish round pancakes that are made in a special cast iron pan.
They are light and fluffy and you can fill them with pretty much anything you want! You can make them sweet or savory and they are one of my favorite eat by the stove meals (the other being shabu shabu and steamed shrimp).

Jamie asked for an aebleskiver pan a couple years ago, but we've only used it once before. This time around, we joined forces to come up with some fun fillings - Jalapeno Cheddar
By far, my favorite filling!

We also did Peanut Butter and Guava Jelly and plain Guava Jelly
These weren't so successful...the peanut butter ended up being weird when it got all hot and melty, plus the guava jelly just didn't want to stay IN the aebleskiver! Sooo, we also made some plain ones
We ate the plain ones with some maple syrup and they were like mini, pop-able pancakes :) You like my use of the single chopstick? Single chopstick is also good for stirring mixed drinks ;)

Making aebleskivers reminds me of how much I love takoyaki - SOOOOO GOOOD! It's probably because they are made in similar looking pans...but such a different taste.
These delectable little balls of dough have little bits of octopus in them and are topped with fish flakes/shavings, scallions and a mayo sauce (yes, one of the few times I enjoy having mayo in my food). HEEEAAAVEEENN! Grabbing a container of these from a street vendor and walking down a chilly street is one of my favorite food moments :) Do you have any favorite food moments?

After filling my belly with yummy balls-o-dough, dinner tonight was a much needed salad:
Mixed greens, avocado, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, feta and Foreman'd chicken. Topped it off with a vinaigrette made from some pomegranate juice, olive oil, garlic powder, salt, balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard - it actually wasn't bad for a random mixture of ingredients!

Sorry to run off, but I think I need some online retail therapy. The fall weather is finally here and I realized that I haven't gone shopping for work clothes in a long long time. Yes, my 'newest' Banana Republic pants are from Spring 2007 (did you know there's a tag that says something like SP07 or F04??) and I think it's time for new ones.

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Rosey Rebecca said...

Your dinner looks so fun! Good luck on your treadmill adventure! Retail therapy is the best kind!