Saturday, October 17, 2009


Allow me to introduce you to my new running buddy:
Ah yes, the Nike+ SportBand. I've been eying this for a couple months and decided last night that I really don't need the Garmin 405 (even though it's pretty f-ing cool)...I know I'm a technology moron and I wouldn't use half of the features on that pricey doodad. This however, was a nice, reasonably priced alternative.

Basically this functions the same way the Nike+Ipod system works...without an Ipod. The 'Link', or the front/face of the band, is the part that connects to your computer to upload all your runs. Big selling point for me? ONLY TWO BUTTONS. That's right. One main button to start and stop and another to toggle the functions. WOOO! Pretty user friendly, ey? It gets better. Directions:
That's right! PICTURES! It's like it was made for me ;)

I had to charge the Link for 2 hours last night before using it this morning. A little annoying, but whatever. Popped the sensor (o yes, it comes with the sensor) into a shoe pocket, laced it into my sneakers and realized how much funky stuff I have going on:
O yes, new pair of shoes...more on them later. So I've got the shoe pocket lacing going on PLUS my 'special' lacing technique that I've started doing on most of my sneakers to keep my heel from slipping. Putting sneakers on before a run is getting more complicated. hehe.

The sportband on:
The model on all the pictures has the Link facing in, which I think is weird. But it might be because the other side looks funky on the front
Pretty sure that silver thing is supposed to fall in the middle of your wrist...not the case on mine. I started thinking that it was because I bought the 'guy color', but no. I think it's just me.

Anyway, I jumped on the treadmill for my 1 mile calibration run hoping that I could make the whole mile. I DID! :) No pain! I took it super slow and switched to heel striking (which made me clomp clomp on the treadmill) and it was a success! Hooraayy! I figured I shouldn't push it so I did some ellipticaling and strength training afterward.

So dear SportBand, how did you do?? Not so good. The instructions say that it usually works well for most people without calibration. UM, mine was off by .35 miles. I fixed it and we'll see how it works during tomorrow's run. I'm thinking I'll do 1-1.5 and see how it feels. I also pulled out the trusty foam roller and rolled out my left calf. OH MY GOD. Works wonders!

More on the band tomorrow. Off to work and then Jamie's going away hurrah!


MarathonVal said...

I'm the same way about technology... I want a Garmin, but I am too lazy to even use my cheapo Polar heart rate monitor watch! lol...

Have a fabulous weekend!!

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

I love my Garmin, but that looks like a great alternative. I hope it works better for you the second time. Hope you had fun at Jamie's celebration!

Anonymous said...

i just got a sport band, too! i hear they work better with nike+ shoes. good luck!

Anonymous said...

So that's what those bands are. Thanks for the info. I'm technophobic - I don't even know why I work in IT. LOL. :D
Hope it's spot on next time.

Patrick said...

How in the world have I not found your blog until now???

My two favorite things: Running and Food! Add electronic gadgets to the list-- ooohh baby!

great blog-- I will be back! Check out mine sometime!

Melissa said...

Hopefully this works out better for you tomorrow. I really like how it's such a thin band. I have the Garmin 305 and I love it, but I hate how big it is. What kind of shoes did you get?