Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Hey all - it's going to be another quickie post :\ Gotta finish cleaning and prepping for a big weekend! On the agenda: Selin's in town tomorrow and we're starting the food adventures early at A&J in Rockville for some much needed dim sum! For dinner we're headed to Proof and then off to Policy for drinks. Don't worry...we'll be responsible adults since these two will be over at 10am ready to hit the streets of DC!
Anyone have suggestions for good kid-friendly activities in DC? I think Jamie's planning on making some ice cream with them at some point - a request was made for Cookies n Cream :)

Chef Jamie was out in full force tonight. I got home and he was almost done with dinner...a very impressive one at that!
Asparagus Spinach Pesto with Blackened Shrimp courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

Earlier this week I was doing my usual FoodGawker browsing and making the menu for the week and I couldn't help but DROOL over this dish (um, please head over to see the mouthwatering photo because this doesn't do it justice)! Jamie took charge of the kitchen and I came home to this
That I promptly sampled and we have a bunch leftover that will NOT go to waste ;)

He had just finished cooking up the shrimpies
While we waited for the pasta to cook, I insisted on a salad (even though Jamie argued 'but there's asparagus and spinach in the pesto!') so I made small ones with mixed greens, avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper
Once the pasta was ready, I scooped a few heaping spoonfuls of the pesto on top and stirred (good thing I didn't just dump!)
Jamie added pine nuts and then the shrimp
And then dinner was served!
YUUUUUMMMY! This is one dish I can't wait to eat as a leftover :)

Okeey...early morning bootcamp and then the big test - a long-ish run with the strap. Not setting a distance or time. I think I'm just going to see how far I can go and if I happen to run home, cool. If not, eh, whatever...I just hope my appointment with the doctor on Tuesday goes fine. Trust me, you guys will be the first to know if I get bad news. AGH.

And a few things before I forget (or in case I don't have time to post before Sunday ;p)
  • New blog on the block - The Passion Fruits. I've seen and eaten Luke's amazing spreads. Trust me, you should check it out...they will not steer you wrong!
  • Jamie's moving date has changed and he WILL be here for the marathon! Wooo!!
  • Hop on over to Chicago Marathon Val and CAUTION: Redhead Running and wish Val and Morgan good luck as they run the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!! It's Val's third and Morgan's first and my favorite course :) Hooraaayyy! Good luck to non-bloggers (and any bloggers I missed!) running as well :)
  • I don't usually get all misty, but I totally did while watching The Office tonight. Anyone else? Please tell me I'm not the token sap. hahaa.


Anonymous said...

"I was waiting for my wife..." AH, JIM! Yes, I was being a sap too. LOVED THAT EPISODE :)

kevin's feet in the ice at the end? Omg, so disgusting.

that shrimp dish on the other hand...YUM! You need to list the foodie blogs you read more often! ;) I don't have a clue what kids would like to do in the area .... uh, maybe look up DC Events on the Post's website?

either way, hope you have a good weekend!

MarathonVal said...

Thanks for the shoutout Karena!

I made pesto pasta last night too.... but somehow I think yours was prettier! ;)