Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can't Escape!

So after waking up not well rested, post-minor panic attack, with a slight head pounding, I told myself I would call out of work completely. None of this 'do some work at home' business. Fail. After hitting 'publish' on my last post, I popped into my work email and stressing ensued. You know it's bad when just the sight of your inbox causes your entire body to tense up.

It's not that there are any pressing deadlines or anything like that...I think I'm just severely stressed out in general. Ugh. Need to decompress. Anyway, I'm trying to keep the work to a minimum and maximize the next few hours to catch up on everything I've let slip over the past couple weeks. Unfortunately, Google Reader takes lower priority :( The pile of laundry and general clutter is starting to get to me...OH and Christmas shopping - that little thing that is looming over me. Yikes!

I just had to quickly blog about breakfast/brunch since it's kind of a big deal for me:
Peanut Butter and Bananas on Pita. Why is it such a big deal? Generally I don't like my bananas with anything. I think my hint of green bananas are great on their own. Since I have a bunch of bananas in the kitchen (har har), I figured I'd give it a try. Why the pita? I have pita in excess and sometimes pita is a nice sub-in for bread :) Verdict - I think I'm going to stick with bananas on their own.

I'll leave you with this for the rest of the day:
My un-trimmed tree! Some friends are coming over tonight to help decorate so stay tuned for the results!! Time to be productive! Lates :)


Anonymous said...

bananas + pb on ANYTHING generally gets a thumbs up from me ;) I think it looks gooood!

have fun with the tree decorating!

MarathonVal said...

Hope you feel better soon!! :)

Karena said...

i was going to get a little frisky by drizzling some honey on top, but i chickened out haha.

i think yesterday was exactly what i needed...even if i didn't get THAT much christmas shopping done ;p