Monday, December 7, 2009

I did it :)

Told you I'd get back in the blogging routine soon enough!

I'm slowly getting all the recipes together so looks like you'll get one or two a day. Tonight's recipe - Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle! Who else but Paula Deen
could come up with such a recipe?!This morning I trekked out to our Alexandria office for a meeting. I just happened to be walking back to the metro around lunchtime when I saw The Perfect Pita. A friend o mine had just mentioned this place so clearly I had to stop in, especially since I forgot to pack a lunch this morning. I also forgot to pack/didn't grocery shop for the week breakfast so my tummy was a grumbling.

I went with the
Chicken Hummus Veggie and it was o so oniony. I forgot to ask for no onions since we're in such close quarters right now - omg I smelled it on the metro. Oooops! It was soooo delicious. I'm a bit of a hummus nerd if you haven't noticed and this hummus was just the right texture (I might even say it's perfect haaa) - smooth and not too thick. I was even okay with all the onions ;p

I put in a few hours at the running store and started craving a nice crispy salad for dinner...exactly what I didn't have at home. Booo. I think I needed a big break from all the Thanksgiving goodies. I ended up grabbing a container of salad greens at the grocery store:

Um, I don't really know what 'Asian Salad' mix is, but it was the only non-spring mix mix they had. It was actually kinda nice...a few bitter greens with some baby greens. A perfect base for my salad toppings.

I also picked up some 'nanners for breakfast/snacking:
Please note how freakishly large they are! The whole banana rack was full of these massive guys. Ridic! I hope they don't get too ripe too soon.

Once I got settled, I saw an email from Rebeca over at All Vegged Out asking if I was planning on attending FitBloggin'10. Clearly it's been way too long since I've caught up on the blog world happenings because I had no idea what she was talking about. D'oh! FitBloggin' is a conference for fitness, wellness, good food and healthy lifestyle bloggers. I read up on it and it sounded like a fun it's in nearby Baltimore! Unfortunately, I checked the dates and that's the weekend of the National Half Marathon, which I will be running with first time half marathoners Susan and Sparky AND cheering on Heather from Trials of Training as she runs her surely speedy first marathon! :) Maybe next time?

Anyway, I thought I'd pass the word on to the rest of you bloggers! Happy Monday :)

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