Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis the season!

Looking for good gift ideas for that runner in your life? Runner's World just posted a slideshow with some good ideas (though, some are on the pricey side) that got me thinking about what I would want or give to runner friends (within reasonable price ranges too)!
Saucony ViperLite Conversion Glove $35
These come in a bright orange material that's hard to miss in the dark. Need to work that iPod touch? The tips of the thumb and index finger flip off so you can use the touch screen easily. Plus, it's got a nifty little light on the right glove. Flash away!
The gift that keeps on giving! Great articles, motivation and training tips...and yes, it's much more fun than just reading the website :p
You know how I feel about these socks so I'll keep it short. The newbie runner is probably running in cotton socks and suffering from blisters. Show them the light!
Not quite ready for the Garmin, but want more than what a regular watch and Mapmyrun have to offer? Enter Nike+. You'll have to calibrate it and some people have experienced some innacuracies, but overall, not a bad tool. Not a Nike shoe wearer? No worries. Pair this with the Shoe Pouch $6
You can never have enough Body Glide in your life. Trust me. There are a few options too - original, warming and one with sunscreen. Take your pick!
Gotta keep the head warm! This hat is justa bit fleecy and fits snuggly on your noggin while you run. Ladies, you know how ponytails generally don't mesh well with hats? This hat solves things by leaving a little hole in the back just for your ponytail. Brilliant.

Foam Roller Varies with size and density.
Have a friend with nagging IT band tightness? Give the gift of 'it hurts so good' with a foam roller. Visit your local running store and I'm sure they'll give ideas for techinques.

The Stick $35 for the 19" Sprinter Stick.
It's just freaking genius. Read the website. Learn and love the stick. Dooo it.
Just because you're all bundled up in the cold weather doesn't mean you can throw hydration to the wayside! Check out the two size options for this super comfortable handheld water bottle.
You also can't go wrong with anything you know your runner loves for sure...nutritional items they swear by, favorite types of gear or stores. What would you add to this list and the Runner's World list??
Stay tuned for some gift ideas for that foodie friend of yours ;p


Jackie @ TriToLose said...

Thanks for the great gift ideas! I'm sure my sisters would love something from this list! :)

Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing the link and your list! Great ideas!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

Great list! I'll take one of each, please!

Kelly said...

I love the idea of getting someone Runner's World- I love magazines but it always seems like a silly thing to spend money on ('course I still do haha)

Julia said...

i want a Runners World subscription too. And gotta keep stocked up on the Glide!