Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gotta try everything once, right?

If it's terrible then I don't have to eat it again...always a good motto and definitely the case for tonight's dinner.

Remember my week of soy adventures? Well, I experimented with some baked Teriyaki tofu for tonight's dinner since it looked like fun.
Um, yeah. Not feeling it so much. The flavor wasn't anything exciting and I think I don't really like baked tofu. The texture is a little too pasty for me.

I also grabbed a bag of these frozen stir fry veggies and forgot about them until tonight.
Not exactly a great sub in for fresh or canned veggies, but they'll do in a pinch.
Yes, that's a pita under my stir fry ;p

I was too lazy to pop some rice in the rice cooker so I figured I'd chip away at the bag of pita I had leftover in the fridge. There's absolutely nothing wrong with pita and stir fact, I think I'd do it again!

Last night I made some buffalo burgers with a side of sweet potato fries. I didn't have any bread in the apartment so I ended up using some leftover whole wheat naan from Saturday.

Topped the burger with some brie and mixed greens and voila! Dinner!
I also smeared on some of this spicy apple mustard for some extra flavor
I had seen this on Meghan's blog (Travel Eat Love) shortly after the FoodBuzz Festival and practically drooled on my keyboard - I LOVE mustard. I was SO excited when I saw this jar at World Market! Cannot wait to use this in more dishes!


We Are Not Martha said...

YUM! That spicy apple mustard sounds awesome! And I think stir-fry and pita is the perfect idea!


Twincerely,Olga said...

cool blog!! I am glad I found you please stop by

Anonymous said...

spicy APPLE mustard?? do share!! ;)

not sure how I feel about tofu in general - but i think stir-fry would be the one situation where I could handle it. just seems like teriyaki sauce can make anything better...right? ;)

Karena said...

the spicy apple mustard was AWESOME. I feel compelled to make a turkey sandwich or something. Suggestions please!!

teriyaki sauce is up there on my list of favorite condiments...tempura sauce is another one. hm. i'll have to remember exactly what i did to the burgers and stirfry and post tomorrow. man, i'm slaaacking on the recipes!!