Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mix it up!

My original Wednesday plan involved taking my tree down, doing laundry and crashing early. Around 4pm I decided to change it up and skip the tree trashing for some sushi at Sakana with Susan. Of course, things changed once again before I made it home and here I am hanging out w/some laundry, dishes and a messy dinner bowl
Sometimes you need a good bowl of comfort and that is exactly what this was! I snagged a box of these at the Giant because I must admit, I actually do love a fake-meat product...
Usually I can't find the Boca Flame Grilled Burgers, so I get really excited when I do see them in a store. They smell and taste (well, sort of) like a smoky, grilled burger. Two thumbs up in my book! I chopped 2 patties up and tossed them into a bowl of Fiery Fiesta Kashi Pilaf
along with some corn, black beans, pepperjack, spinach and arugula before nuking it for 2 -3 minutes. Put some in a tupperware for lunch tomorrow, and then added some avocado and hot sauce onto my dinner bowl. YUUUM. Much cheaper than a night of sushi! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself ;p

I needed something comforting after today. I had PT this morning and I FINALLY got a 10 minute jog in on the treadmill as my PT watched and informed me I run all screwy which is probably why I'm broken. Sad. I am impressed that I made it 10 minutes with only some tightness on the outside of my ankle. Wooo. Baby steps!

After that I had a doctor's appointment that concluded with an 'oh, it's been about 10 years since your last tetanus vaccination. You should probably get one today.' Do you know how long it's been since I've gotten a vaccination?? I don't even get flu shots. I found myself getting super anxious as I waited for the nurse. GAAAHHH! I felt like such a little kid!! The actual shot was painless, but now my arm is sore. Yes, I'm a big baby ;p
After dinner I turned on the TV and this was on:
HA. I thought it was kinda fitting to watch since I did just skip my high school reunion. So, does anyone else think it's crazy how much older 28 seemed back then? Or at least how much more mature/old 28-year olds were portrayed in the late 90s? Random thought. Moving on...

I'm making some fun food for NYE and I can't wait to share it with you guys! First fun kitchen experiment since PTT Dinner! Woo!

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sophia said...

Yumm! I actually was considering Sakana for one of the choices! I'll really have to visit it sometime.

Hey...SKIP WORK AND COME JOIN US! Just for a sandwich? Hee hee..

In case, just in case something happens and you don't have work, we're meetin 1/2 at 1 pm at Zest Bistro!