Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Have you thought about your tofu-licious creations for this week's BSI??

I hopped into the office this evening after 8 hours of jury duty only to find out that everything I needed wasn't completed. As much as that frustrated me, I was pretty psyched that I would be able to get home in time to pick up my drycleaning (that had been sitting since Monday) and get a much needed gym trip in.

After IM-ing with an old coworker who runs a ton, I decided to try a little experiment in the gym. Remember my last treadmill attempt? Well, I was feeling some tenderness in my achilles ever since then. Another coworker (from the store) had mentioned maybe the source of my problem was switching to a softer shoe (those Elites I loved). SO, I pulled out my old Inspires, laced them up and set out for the gym.

Despite the lack of sufficient cushioning, I felt the best I have in MONTHS. I think I even had a goofy grin on my face! haha. I started off with a 2 minute walk and then jumped up to a 3 minute heel striking shuffle at 5.8. It felt ok...a little tight, but I was hoping it would loosen up. Since that wasn't painful, I set my next round of running at 6.5 with quicker forefoot striking. OMG. NO PAIN. BEST FEELING EVER! :) :)

Kept the next round the same...still felt good but dropped it back down to the shuffle for the last set to be safe. Didn't want to jinx things! Followed it up with 15 minutes on the elliptical, mostly because I couldn't wait any longer to report the good news :)

Post-first 'real' run back involved 5 minutes of direct ice, lots of bonding time with the Stick, and some special stretches from my PT. Good Wednesday, indeed!

Sorry for being such a super nerd about all's been super frustrating having this stupid injury the past 4 months. I was so bummed that it disrupted the best and most disciplined summer of training for me AND I've had months of physical therapy that still hasn't fixed me enough to run through the winter. UGH.

After all that frustration and pangs of jealousy that would hit anytime I saw people running (o yes, I started craving runs and getting really upset that I couldn't run), I seriously could not contain my excitement during this evening's run!

YAAAY!! :) :)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! My sprint is 6.0!! But I can only hold it for one minute :(

Don't worry, I'll have a tofu recipe this week - I am toying with the idea of orange tofu instead of orange chicken - we'll see if it works! :D

Two more days til the weekend!!

Kelly said...

Yay thats very exciting! I have had a knee injury for about 8 months that has kept me away from running- I've done PT etc too so I can definitely understand your frustration!