Monday, January 18, 2010


Sunday lunch with friends took me to Surfside in Glover Park.
I've only been here once before and I think I just got a salad post run. This time I was determined to get something tasty and substantial.

Not going to lie, the menu is a bit overwhelming. It's not overwhelming because there are a lot of items; it's overwhelming because the descriptions are so detailed and tempting. The ordering process isn't really clear so it helps if you're with friends that have been there before...or if you're really good at watching other people. There are like 4 or 5 different colored sheets that you use to fill out your order (for most people it's the white one) and you can note any special needs or changes you want.

One of my friends was raving about the fish tacos so I went with that suggestion. My lunch - Maui Tacos (Two grilled fish of the day tacos in corn tortillas with black bean and corn salsa, guacamole, cilantro and lime sour cream), with flour tortillas and blackened fish subbed in.
I was debating on these and the Negril Tacos that aren't on the online menu for some reason. They came with blackened fish, a cabbage slaw(?) and something else. I was really sold on all the fun toppings on the Maui, but was drawn to the blackened fish and cabbage.

My tacos ended up being really good, but a bit rich. Now I know why the blackened fish went with the tangy slaw. The blackened fish was really more of a pan fried, sort of breaded thing so when it was combined with the richness of the guac and lime sour cream, it was a bit overwhelming. It needed the tanginess of a slaw. Lesson learned. Don't sub things in...unless it's a flour tortilla.

The rice and beans were a little too dry for me, but I prefer a mooshy bean. I didn't think they were necessary since the tacos were filling on their own. BUT, considering I spent $12.95 on it and an iced tea, you bet I was going to eat those rice and beans.

We also split some salsa and cheese dip at the table. The cheese dip was a little too electric yellow/green for me and didn't have much flavor. However, the salsa - phenomenal. I love lime and this salsa had a surprising limey taste to it. Such a nice surprise!

I'd visit Surfside again for the other fish tacos, but I don't think I'd frequent the place. Maybe I was a bit spoiled getting cheap and delicious fish tacos during our trip to the West Coast, but I think it was a pretty hefty price tag for what I got.

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