Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And the Bay Area Adventures continue...

Sunday started early for us as we headed south to Pacifica for some surfing and fish tacos. Please note, I have never surfed in my entire life nor have I tried fish tacos. HUGE adventure!

We met up with a friend that works at the Log Shop and did a quick tour of the place (it has a huge skatepark set up in the back) before getting outfitted with wetsuits, booties, and boards. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera with me, but I was a little distracted by a) the cold and wind b) the surprisingly heavy and cumbersome surf board and c) concerned about walking a block with said board and wetsuit. Btw, wetsuits are never EVER flattering.

Anyway, four of us trekked to the cold beach and I got a quick 'lesson' before jumping into the freezing water. I was surprised at how warm the wetsuit kept me considering how cold the water was. FYI - the water was so cold that I couldn't breathe when the massive waves hit me and my hands were bright red when I finally walked out.

Apparently the conditions weren't ideal for surfing that morning so I don't feel so bad about only getting up on my belly. Hell, it was quite a workout trying to get out far enough in the water! An hour later we all emerged from the water, equally frustrated and decided to head back and find these fish tacos we had heard so much about.

We drove further south (a mighty scenic drive, btw) to Half Moon Bay where we stumbled into Cafe Capistrano. It's really small and not that schnazzy looking from the outside, but it definitely had some good food! The menu was painted on a small board - one side in English, the other in Spanish - and everything looked delicious. I had to keep my eye on the prize since we were there specifically for the fish tacos which are made from whatever fish is caught that day and are grilled, not battered and fried.

Again, no picture, but oh my goodness...FANTASTIC. I forget what fish we had (snapper?) but it was super fresh and grilled perfectly with a spicy, chimichurri sort of sauce on it. It came with warm corn tortillas, beans, rice with pineapple bits, guacamole, and a salady/pico de gallo-ish thing. After assembling 4 fish tacos, I was full but not gross full. Very good first fish taco experience :)

We drove back to the Log Shop where Jamie did some shopping (I refrained from buying a bathing suit even though I saw some cute ones) and then it was back to the hotel for a few hours of downtime before starting our evening. We totally welcomed the do nothing time since we packed so much into Saturday.

At some point after fish tacos and during our downtime, we made the obligatory Beard Papa run.
This is me about 2 hours after I finished my first marathon in 2007. No shame. Sometimes you need a creme puff and when you do, Beard Papa is THE BEST. LOVE IT.
Yes that is a 6 pack of creme puffs (4 vanilla and 2 coffee, which was the flavor of the week) and NO they were not all eaten in one sitting. UGH. Vanilla is by far my favorite and the coffee one is on my poo poo list. Not so good.

The obsession began when a friend introduced us to it in NYC and then I stopped by the one around the corner from the Westin last time I was in San Francisco (yes, that was actually one of the deciding factors in choosing our hotel this trip :\ ) AND THEN Jamie and I went on a search for it while we were in Tokyo last year. Sad, but true. You MUST try it.

An hour or so later we started the walk over to Selin's place via Chinatown. I really wanted to find some BBQ Pork Buns and found a bakery on Yelp that was supposed to be good. So we start walking and checking out the scenery and AH HA! I see the awning for Good Mong Kok Bakery! Note: this is not a picture of the awning, but a doofy one 2 doors down...
I freaked out a little because there were only Chinese people in the small bakery and all the signs were in Chinese! All the buns looked the same and I was prepared to point to whatever was selling fast. Thankfully the woman behind the counter spoke to me in English (though, people tend to speak to me in foreign languages) and I asked for the pork bun and pointed.

We start walking and I'm all excited to try this BBQ Pork Bun. I bite in and NOT BBQ PORK! :(
Turns out I got a Pork and Vegetable Bun instead. It's a good thing I like those :) It's like a pork and leek potsticker in a steamed bun. MMM.

We trekked up a crazy steep hill (steep as in my foot was tilted up like 45 degrees) and made our way to Selin's awesome apartment where she had prepared a DELICIOUS
Red Wine Braised Short Rib with Rosemary Polenta and Salad. Can we say detox diet time yet? haha.
After dinner we headed out for some bevvies at The Buccaneer where I was promptly freaked out by a dog sitting on a stool at the bar.

Phew. That was a lot. Last installation tomorrow!

And, before I forget, dinner tonight was an asiany chicken salad (much needed):
Shredded red cabbage, chopped romaine, slivered almonds, chopped apricots, mandarin oranges, scallion, chow mein noodles, chicken and a dressing made from these guys:


Jamie said...

the fish in the tacos was rock cod

Quinn said...

It's not even 10am and you have me salivating at my desk. Sounds like an awesome eating adventure, I mean...vacation.