Thursday, May 14, 2009


In the middle of the night I woke up, not because of a bad dream or because I thought of something important that needed to be done, but because it occurred to me that last night's dinner would have been much better with a peanut dressing. WTF??

My legs were way sore after yesterday's bootcamp session (I think too many lunges and squats) and I was hobbling around the office this morning. I really should have done some of this last night:
I LOVE Ellen Barrett's DVDs. I was totally hooked after my first one - Burn & Firm Pilates. I used to be anti-workout DVDs, but this one actually had me sweating and feeling the burn in my legs! The Super SlimDown was my second purchase and it's much mellower, but it's good for those days I want a little bit more than just a stretch. Alas, I didn't do it and now I hurt :(

Tonight's workout was 4 miles of hills. Nothing too crazy, in fact, it might be one of my favorite hilly runs in the District. I felt a little off my legs were all wobbly and not part of my body as I was running. Maybe it was the soreness? Anyway, my new goal is to find a short, steep hill so we can do hill sprints. Anyone know of good spots in DC? I did this once upon a time during high school track and of course I hated it at the time. We would run up and down this super super steep grassy hill on the side of the soccer field. Nothing probably took 5-10 seconds to get to the top.

Once we got back from our run I was STARVING and in desperate need for a stretch. Stretching was first, mostly b/c I wasn't looking forward to more leftovers :\ Killed the rest of the tempeh experiment and afterward I started craving something sweet. What did I reach for?
A spoonful of deliciousness! Growing up, this was the only peanut butter I ever remember eating. I can't eat regular peanut butter because of this...everything else is way too sweet and gross.

Speaking of peanut pre-run/late afternoon snack was the Peanut Butter Chocolate Luna Cookie I mentioned the other day. DELISH! So much better than the Chocolate Mint one :)

Sorry for the lame-o post. Gotta get to bed early...running to bootcamp and then playing photographer for the day at work (I get to play with one of those digital SLR cameras to do some last minute shots of one of our projects!). I'll try to post more fun stuff this weekend. Street food at the National Asian Heritage Festival on Saturday!!

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