Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm mean


So I got slammed at work today and ended up getting stuck in the office until 9pm trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends. ARGH! That meant no track workout for me :( I sent the boys off on what might be the toughest track workout yet - 1.5 mi warm up and then ladder time! 400m run, 400m jog, 200m run, 200m jog, 100m run, 100m jog...repeat 3 times. In my haste to pull together a workout, I failed to mention that they could have a 2 minute recovery jog between sets. SORRY!!!! :(

Dinner tonight was fast and spastic. I threw together some 'ramen' for Jamie as I cleaned out the fridge. There's no real recipe to this...I just toss in a little bit of everything from the fridge/cabinets. Usually I start out with an actual package of ramen, but the shiratake noodles really needed to be eaten. I don't recommend using them in the future for this.

I started out with this:
Instant Dashi! It's like asian boullion ;) Dashi is the base for a lot of Japanese soups and simmering liquids and is typically made from kelp and bonito. These little granules are fantastic!

I threw the granules in with water, some other random sauces, arugula (o yes), soybeans, and some Japanese pepper:
Then I threw an egg in during the last few minutes of cooking for some protein.
According to Jamie, it was kinda blah. I should have only took 10 minutes to make :\

While I was digging around the fridge, I saw we had some leftover deli meat so I made myself a goat cheese, arugula and turkey sandwich. I passed on the 'ramen' b/c I just wasn't feeling salt or soup.

Here it is up close and personal:
Ok, off to pack 10pm...when we have to be in the car at 4am...yaaaaahhh. Vacation is SO CLOSE!!!! First on our SF agenda? Duck tour on the bay. quack.

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