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Totally unrelated to San Francisco (aside from the fact that I didn't do my 10 mile run while I was there, but whatever), I picked up my Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon race packet this evening. Of course it was at Pacers in Clarendon so I HAD to browse the running goodies and I HAD to walk away with new Clif stuff to taste. Duh.
I decided to step away from the trusty Mocha Clif Shot Gel...we'll see how Vanilla tastes. Also grabbed a sleeve of the Black Cherry Shot Bloks. I keep hearing these are good, but I'm still skeptical about the whole chewy thing...

Goody bag time! Bright pink t-shirt, nifty reusable tote and an issue of Women's Running:
MASSIVE timing chip. WTF? Seriously? Is it really necessary to have something that huge on my shoe?? Has anyone else seen a timing chip this big?? I'm used to running with ChampionChips and have even figured out the best, most comfortable way to attach them to my sneaker without those silly twisty ties. Recently I was introduced to the D-Tag which requires no tying, no plastic, no nothing! Genius!

OK, enough of that...time to finish up San Francisco.
Note: this is from my first trip. It was way too foggy this time around so no good views of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, I felt it was necessary to have at least one shot on here!

After what I think was a late night out at the Buccaneer, we woke up somewhat early on Monday morning to beat the crowds at the California Academy of Sciences (read: the coolest museum I've been to lately). According to the website, "The Academy is now the largest public Platinum-rated building in the world, and also the world’s greenest museum." Fancy.

Here's part of the Living Roof
I'd say that's kind of a big deal, no?

Inside, there are 4 levels of nerdy fun. We started on the amazing Aquarium Level where I had fun taking pictures of jellyfish (I swear, I could sit there and watch them swim around for hours...who knew?).
Stared at massive displays of tropical fish and other reef inhabitants, dodged some kids and made our way to the first floor. Not too much going on here except for a giant pendulum a la LOST (sadly, I didn't get a shot) and an albino alligator. Kinda creepy.

We waited in line to enter the
Rainforests of the World Experience, which was fun, but I definitely preferred wandering around the aquarium. I did find this guy in the rainforest...
At this point we were starving and needed food. Good thing the next place on our agenda was Gold Mountain for dim sum.

But FIRST...
Obligatory Full House houses shot and then off to dim sum!

Almost immediately after we sat down, a cart came by and dim sum began :)

This is Round One: (clockwise from the top)
Spareribs w/black bean sauce, Chive dumpling, Shrimp dumpling, and Minced beef ball. The spare ribs were ok, not the meatiest I've had, but the flavor was right. Chive dumplings were really chive/shrimp dumplings, a little too heavy on the chive. Shrimp dumplings were standard - I judge on whether or not the wrapper is mooshy. The minced beef ball had a really interesting was squishy like there was filler in it or had good flavor though!

Sorry, I was too distracted with eating that I forgot to take pictures of the rounds that followed! They included:
Steamed chicken bun (kinda tasted like that pork bun I had on Sunday), Steamed BBQ pork bun (delish, not too sweet), Steamed rice noodle with beef (this is a variation on the steamed rice noodle rolls with shrimp drizzled with a sweet soy sauce. It was good, but I think I still love the shrimp version), Soy sauce chicken (this ended up just sitting on the table after a few bites. We read about it on Yelp, but didn't know it was served cold. Also, it just wasn't anything exciting. Five spicy. End.), Chinese broccoli (sauteed w/oyster sauce drizzled on top. YUM), Potstickers (I'm going back one day just for these. SO GOOD), Fried glutinous rice ball with pork (these were way too greasy, but it had good flavor - the rice was slightly sweet and the pork was five spicy), and Sesame seed balls (standard - glutinous rice filled with bean paste).

Phew. Long paragraph. Need a break. Feel full from typing that. Ech.

All that food required a walk to aid digestion so we hoofed it through Chinatown to get back to our hotel and hung out for a bit. Around 7pm it was time to dine again - our last meal in San Francisco...
*SIGH*. We were thinking Mexican for dinner and where did we end up? Nopalito! Apparently it's a fairly new place and is all about using organic, sustainable and local ingredients. None of us had ever been, so yay experiement!

We each ordered one small plate and one entree...ready for pictures galore?

Tostada de Tinga - Fried tortilla, pinquito beans, shredded chicken, chipotle, epazote and crema

Tamal Enchilado de Queso y Puerco - Housemade ancho chili masa, stewed pork, queso fresco, spring onions and crema

Quesadilla Roja con Chicharron - Corn tortilla, crispy pork belly, guajillo salsa, jack cheese,
onions and cilantro

The small plates were really good...definitely the way to go next time. The man next to us got the Gordita de Picadillo and it looked REALLY good. Entrees were a little bland for my taste...

Mole Poblano con Pollo - Sauce of toasted chilies, chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, sesame seeds and chicken leg (the mole was good, but the rice had no flavor)

Carne Asada - can't find a description on the website, but I'm sure you can tell what it is from the picture. It came with really good homemade tortillas, but I really couldn't get past the tough meat. It was like it was too rare so it was chewy, plus it wasn't cut against the grain or something so it was super chewy.

I forget the name of this but it was fish stewed in a tomato sauce and it had a name Jamie had a hard time pronouncing. It was ok.

Ended the meal with some complimentary
Mexican Wedding Cookies that were just sweet enough to curb my sweet craving.

And Jamie got a lime pop

And so ends vacation!

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Jamie said...

my dish was cod stewed with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and capers. it was slightly spicy and pretty good; however, the appetizers were the star of the meal. we should have just ordered two apiece and shared.