Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eh, what's a little rain?

No fun food tonight. Today's workout took longer than expected so dinner was microwaved leftovers. Eating the pad thai the second time around makes me think the five spice powder was too much. Surprisingly, the 'spiced' tofu overpowers the rest of the flavors. hmph.

On to the workout! I've been excited about this all week b/c well, let's face it, I'm a nerd. I read too many articles and get too excited about organizing runs. Yeesh. Here is the Runner's World article that inspired it all: Speed Thrills

As it turns out, everyone is too busy to run tomorrow night, so I moved our speedwork up to tonight. I got a little nervous b/c of the gloomy weather, but it cleared up just enough by the time I got home :) I was also a little worried about racking up too many miles today, but whatever. I really wanted to run this workout and looks like tomorrow will just be a super easy running day.

We started off with an easy warm up to the AU track. It was just shy of 1.5 miles and had a tiny hill in the middle. Stretched a little once we got to the track and then did 3 sets of this: 800 m tempo pace, 100 m float, 200 m sprint, 400 m recovery jog. The sprints were actually the worst part of it all, which is shocking since that used to be my favorite part of running! Stretched a little and then embarked on the 1.5 mile cool down jog home.

Despite getting home late, I must say I really liked today's workout. I felt really good during and afterward...even with a little bit of rain! I feel like I got a good workout in and I broke in the new sneakers (stuck w/the Nikes) :)

Ok, I'm off to marinate tomorrow night's dinner - Greek Chicken with Spinach & Feta Orzo :)

OH! Almost forgot. I was reading the Express this morning and saw this: National Asian Heritage Festival - Fiesta Asia. Since I missed out on the Sakura Matsuri Festival this year, I'm totally going to check this out. LOVE street food!

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