Saturday, May 2, 2009

The hardest part is getting out the door...

Long run Saturday.

After running around yesterday, I woke up not really feeling the 9 mile run. Luckily one of my running buddies agreed to keep me company for part of the run. Hooray for motivation! I modified the route about 2 miles in so she could jump on a metro home so I had no real gauge for mileage aside from my watch. Figured I just needed to run for at least an hour and a half. I ran for an hour and 40 for good measure but just realized I was about a half a mile shy of 9 :( bummer. Ah well, I felt good at the end and it was more than I had felt like running this morning. Plus I was able to test out a Hammer gel - I first saw them on N Her Shoes and decided to pick up an espresso flavored one yesterday. Not too bad!

Here's the route:

Recap of yesterday!

I was crazy and ran to bootcamp and then ran to the Georgetown DMV where I witnessed a crazy fight! For lunch we ended up at Sweetgreen in Dupont. It was a fun space, but I'm not all that thrilled about the food. I got the Bondi and it just wasn't that exciting.

My two friends got the Guacamole Greens (one with shrimp, one w/chickpeas) and it was a tasty sounding even smelled yummy! I sampled and it was kinda overpowered with onions and dressing.

We followed lunch up with some of Sweetgreen's Sweetflow frozen yogurt, again, not that great. I'm not a frozen yogurt connoisseur or anything, but I can tell you this was not the most flavorful cup of frozen yogurt, nor were there as many fun toppings (I usually like to do yogurt chips and blackberries and/or mango).

I decided to walk home (2 miles!) and make a pitstop at Potomac River Running in Cleveland Park. I went with the intent to buy a pair of my favorite socks (Balega Hidden Comfort) and ended up walking out with socks, a sports bra and an espresso Hammer gel. I love that store. Everyone is always so helpful, friendly and enthusiastic. Though, it could be dangerous that it's only a 10 min walk from my apartment :\

Dinner/Happy Hour! Met up w/friends at Marvin for drinks. I love this place for the fun music and beer selection, but I realized during this visit that they don't have much of a selection as far as bar/finger food is concerned. Don't get me wrong. The food looked REALLY good, just not the kind of food you could order and eat at a crowded bar.

We ended up walking next door to Busboys & Poets - somewhere that I think almost every person in DC has been to, but this was my first time. Service was kinda slow, but the food was pretty good. I may have to visit again! They have a whole bookstore section and I got a little distracted by it while we waited for our table. I got the Mediterranean Burger with Sweet Potato Fries with a Strawberry Mojito, as recommended by our server

Sorry, still getting used to taking pictures of my food in public places! The big hunk of white was goat cheese and it was DELISH on the perfectly flavored burger.

My strawberry mojito tasted like a cherry Halls :( I'm not really a sweet drink drinker, but it seemed like a fun beverage for the evening. Big thumbs down to that choice.

Might post again this evening. Jamie's making some spicy steamed shrimp since we're having people over to watch the Caps game this afternoon. It's sort of a big deal since Jamie is usually the taste tester/cleaner and I'm the cook in the apartment :)


Jamie said...

1) my shrimpz were damn tasty
2) you didn't take any pictures
3) my shrimpz were damn tasty

Christina Penn said...

The 'srimps' were quite delish, as was everything that was served.