Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quick post before I forget

Today was a frantic and frustrating day that started off with a last minute calendar reminder that I had training all day today via conference call. Boo.

Our work event was at Founding Farmers and there were plenty of fun appetizers to go around. I only tasted 4 of them so I wouldn't be too full for my run at 7. The appetizers I did get to taste were great and I'm hoping I'll be able to check out the full menu soon!

I might have to say my favorite of the four appetizers were the Bacon Lollies (Nueske’s bacon candied with cinnamon and brown sugar glaze). These were perfect bite sized portions on sticks (bacon + stick = YUM) and they were missing the part I hate the most about bacon...the gross and slimy fat pieces!

Coming a close second was the Flatbread with Creamy Brie, Onion Jam, and Sliced Organic Apples. When I ordered this, I pictured a piece of flatbread topped with all this stuff kinda like a pizza. Wrong-o. The plate came out with three large slices of sliced bread topped with all those delicious toppings. The savory and sweet elements were perfect together.

The Baby Cheeseburgers (ground-to-order beef with Tillamook cheddar on a house made bun) were cooked perfectly and I kinda love them because it tasted like there was a little bit of thousand island dressing on it and an itty bitty pickle slice...so it was like a fancy Big Mac ;)

We also got the Popcorn which smelled awesome the entire time we were standing at the bar, but was a tad too greasy for me. It was oddly addictive though.

I also ordered the group some Ramos House Fried Green Tomatoes which flew off the bar within seconds. I'll have to test those out next time!

I skipped out after 2 vodka sodas (hold the vodka) and walked to my office to get ready for today's run...which was interesting. I mapped a 3.85 mile route, but we ended cutting it short after I got this pinching pain in my ankle once we got to the mall. So we took it a lot slower after that and ran 3.6 instead. Yes, I just mapped that and now feel silly for complaining about a 0.2 mile difference.

ALSO, my fears of getting hit with a ball almost came true! We were running on the mall and wewerethisclose to getting hit by a stray ball!! Fired.

I was fried from work today so I just boiled up some raviolis for dinner and iced my ankle.
Yep, that's right, I have a Nemo icepak buddy and I'm not ashamed of him.

Tomorrow will be a good food post day. On the dinner menu: Grilled Shrimp with Mango Salsa and Avocado Salad. woooo!

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