Friday, January 29, 2010

OMG! OMG! (a good and bad one)

Good things go first, right? NO MORE PT FOR ME!!! :) :)
I don't want to get too excited and jinx myself, but it was such a great thing to hear this afternoon! I explained my whole experiment and how I felt on Wednesday to my PT and she checked me out and said everything was looking good. I've been sent to try two days of intervals this coming week and then try to increase to three days next week. If everything goes well, then I'm in the clear! If not, then I'm supposed to report back and she may have to send me off to another specialist that might be able to help. Cross your fingers!!

When I got back into the office it seemed fitting that I checked out a link sent to me by Lindy over at AudioFuel. Basically, AudioFuel provides music composed for runners to match their stride pattern. I know that sounds really nerdy and scientific, but think about it...have you ever listened to a song while running and get totally thrown off? I have.

In addition to the information on AudioFuel, Lindy also gave me the heads up about a "Music and Motivation" - they are working with the Virgin London Marathon (*big sigh* - I want to run this one day) and taking votes for your favorite running tracks. The top ten tracks will make up a motivating iMix! Share your favorite tracks here by February 1st! I already did ;)

Speaking of dates...two more days to submit your BSI entries!

On to the bad "OMG"...

A friend is coming down from NYC for a last minute visit and I grabbed some wine and snacks for us. Since I was picking up stuff on my way home from the running store, I stopped at Brookville Market in Cleveland Park. I've stopped here before to pick up random last minute items so no biggie. They have a pretty boring cheese selection, but I walked away with a Goat Brie. A nice safe bet. I also grabbed some Pillsbury Dinner Rolls, spinach and cremini mushrooms for an experimental snack.

I minced up some garlic, 1 anchovy fillet, a cup of spinach leaves, a couple tablespoons of toasted pine nuts, 3 cremini mushrooms, parrano cheese, salt and pepper - by hand, since I was concerned the food processor would make it too pasty. Smooshed it onto the dinner roll triangles, rolled them up and baked them. Voila!
I was a little worried about these guys, but they actually turned out pretty tasty. I have mixed feelings about Pillsbury dough items least when making savory goods. It was a little sweeter than I wanted it to be. Maybe next time I'll try this with puff pastry? Something else?

Thank goodness that worked out because when I went to open the brie, I was greeted with this:
And a rancid, not right, garbagey smell. UGH. GROSS. Never again. EVER.


Kelly said...

Congrats on no more PT and have fun with your friend!

Anonymous said...

It's a sad day when you have to throw out cheese!

Fingers crossed PT is over and done with! :D

I just posted my BSI recipe - thanks again for hosting this week!

Anonymous said...

YES! No more PT!!

Totally with you on the music thing - hence the "speed workout playlist", "LR playlist", "race day playlist". haha. ..yah, you get it. ;)