Sunday, July 4, 2010

Not too shabby...

Have you checked out my nifty tabs yet? You should :)

As usual, Saturday morning brought a long slow run...10 miles to be exact. I was a little concerned because of Tuesday's running snafu, but forced myself out of bed to at least give it a try. Worst case scenario it hurts and I have to stop, right?

Our run launched from Ocean Beach, which is about an hour bus ride from my place, and I got there earlier than expected. What to do? Take pictures for you guys, of course! Check out the scenery (don't mind the grainy/dark iPhone photos):

We tackled the gradual incline through Golden Gate Park to the De Young, turned around and closed out the 10 miles out and back along the Great Highway. I took it super easy and found myself checking my watch a lot. I think I was just nervous that tightness would kick in early on and I'd have to bail. Lucky me, the achilles cooperated and I survived the run...I even finished a little faster than last week at 1:41. Not too bad!

I made it a point to do some serious foam rolling, sticking and stretching once I got home. Definitely didn't want my calf and achilles freaking out after that glorious run. Did I mention we're now 3 long runs into marathon training season? O yes we are!

How were your long runs? Successful? Hot? Took a back seat to 4th of July celebrations? Do tell.


sophia said...

Wow, you did pretty good! I've been trying to run but it's almost impossible to run outside in this 100+ degree weather!

Jamie said...

good job with the tabs! wish you could add more to easily categorize my stuff. you should also mention that i'm the one who started you running :) you were training before your 5K

A Runner's Mind said...

The tabs are a nice addition! Bet you are enjoying the SF fog when you hear about the east coast heat wave...tough to run in 100 plus heat! P.S. have you tried Betelnut restaurant on Union St.? Awesome calamari and wonderful ribs! Also, we just tried First Crush off of Union Square...great fish, and the wine flights are diverse.

Karena said...

LOVE the chill when i hear about the east coast heat wave :)

I've passed by Betelnut a few times and been curious. Good stuff? Jamie - hear that? We may have to explore over Labor Day wknd.

MarathonVal said...

I love the new "About Me" section! So fun to read your story from the very beginning!