Saturday, July 10, 2010

A return to long run Saturdays

I had a 12 miler on deck for this morning...a 12 miler that took us across the Golden Gate Bridge and back.
At first I was really excited since I've never run across the bridge before and this was my first 12 miler in a long long time. That all changed once we got started. Oy.

So I learned the path to the Golden Gate Bridge is not a flat one. In fact, there are a bunch of inclines.
Oh, and the actual bridge very not flat. Go figure. So much for trying to keep the calf/achilles happy by doing a bunch of easy flat runs. Meh.

Also, mid-run I found myself really really angry.
Like really worked up. Why? UM, perhaps it was the hoards of tourists that found it necessary to walk like FIVE abreast and not pay attention to the runners coming toward them. Or maybe the tourist bike posses that weaved their way through pedestrian paths and hills. For real? I feel like I spent a huge chunk of time dodging! I guess it's one of the drawbacks of living in a major tourist destination? You figure I'd be used to it by now...

Sorry for the rant. It really wasn't a terrible calf was fine for the majority of the run. Tightness kicked in around mile 10 or 11 and I played it safe by not running up the Fort Mason Hill on the way back. I thought it was a good idea and the legs did too ;p

After the run everyone headed over to Fleet Feet for some breakfast and mimosas...yum :) On the walk over, I sampled some GU Brew for fun. I've been intrigued by these little packets ever since I saw them pop up at PRR a few weeks before I left. Today I experimented with the Strawberry Watermelon Recovery Drink
I dumped the packet into my water bottle and shakey shake shake, sippy sip sip...
UH? WHAAAT? What are those multicolored particles?? I dunno. I shook that bottle for awhile. Oh well. Flavor-wise, it wasn't bad. It tasted sort of like a piece of watermelon bubble gum. I don't really know how it worked recovery-wise...

After arriving at the breakfast, I put my name on the very long sign up list for the ART specialists. This time around, I found out my left hip is only slightly higher than the right AND apparently the heel lift the orthopedist gave me...NOT COOL. It could be throwing me totally off, especially since my left hip is already higher. D'oh!

How were your weekend runs?

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Jamie said...

i think you should stick to nuun.