Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rush, run, relax, repeat.

After I left y'all Friday night, I stayed up a little longer so I could map out my route for Saturday. My plan was to leave the apartment by 8:45 so I could whip out some miles in time to catch the running group just as they were working on some dynamic stretches. As always, my plans always look great on paper and not so great in execution.

I scooted out of the apartment closer to 8:55 which meant I was cutting it super close. It was a somewhat chilly, foggy morning so my legs got moving pretty quickly. I rocked some flatness followed by the o so familiar Fort Mason Hill and eventually made my way onto the Promenade
Not exactly sunny, but my legs were actually happy to be on the gravel. I turned around at the Warming Hut and knew I was behind schedule...looked like it was going to be my first solo 10 miler in awhile.

Lucky me, I made it to the Marina Green monkey bars just in time to see the last batch of runners start. I followed the group over the Fort Mason Hill into Aquatic Park and did my turn around at Green Street while everyone else ran to the Ferry Building. Struggled back up the hill (yep, for the second time that day) and finished in a comfortable 1:47.

I knew I mapped over 10 miles, but it wasn't until I got home that I found out how much over 10. Might as well have been 11!

I had a bunch of errands to run that afternoon, so I didn't dillydally post-run. Most of my erranding took place in the Marina and since my tummy was growling, I stopped into The Plant Cafe on Steiner.
This place is located right near the restaurants the running group frequents, but I've never stopped in before. Selin mentioned it a couple times, so I figured I should give it a try since I was in the area.

At first I thought I'd grab a salad, but then I made a last minute decision to go with a panini...the BBQ Tempeh Panini (chipotle bbq sauce, roasted red onion, cheddar cheese & garlic aioli), minus garlic aioli.
You know I've only eaten tempeh a couple of times and haven't been totally sold on it, right? I think it's because I've only eaten them in cold cubes. This sammich was DELICIOUS! First of all, my bread was perfectly crisp on the outside and squishy on the inside. The bbq sauce was nice and subtle; perfect with the cheese and tempeh. Speaking of the's much better sliced thin and warmed. Oh, and the roasted red onion/bbq sauce combo...LOVE.

I also liked that my sammich automatically came with a side salad. Simple and light, I loved that I had some ruffage to go with my salad. It had a little too much dressing, so next time, I'd probably get it on the side (as usual).

Plant had some great salad and burger options, so I will definitely check it out again!

Today brought some much needed R&R at the pool and an impromptu home cooked meal at Selin's parents' house. AMAZING food...turkish meatballs, grilled corn on the cob, a light eggplant salad, rice and some tomatoes fresh from the garden sliced up with some mozzarella. To round the perfect summer meal out, we devoured some sweet and refreshing slices of watermelon...aaahhhh watermelon! Great end to a weekend :)

How did you spend this fine summer weekend?

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MarathonVal said...

Haha I know all about those runs where you run TO meet your group and then continue running with them.... I do that every week and am always nervous I'll end up messing it up and will have to run by myself, which would not be fun.

And I'm glad you discovered good tempeh - it's definitely not very good in cold cubes!