Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quickie Run n Eats

It's a quickie full of photos b/c I'm surprisingly sleepy after tonight's run (usually I'm wired and can't sleep) and I LOVE my bed right now :)

Last night's dinner was random. I had some meatball mixture leftover so I turned it into turkey patties...duh. Then I turned it into a sammich:
A generous smear of Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus and some greens rounded out the meal. Not exactly a photogenic plate, but it sure tasted good ;)

Tonight was my first run from the office. I figured the chances of me actually running after work would be higher if I went straight from the office. Plus, my office is surrounded by flatness. PERFECT for my calf/achilles that hills seem to aggravate. I ended up doing an easy 40 min run that took me past AT&T Park
and back
north along the Embarcadero
past the Ferry Building
and back down the Embarcadero to my starting point.
Yeah, I'm not ashamed to pause and take pictures :) I thought I was shuffling along, but as I mapped my route, turns out I was moving fairly fast (considering the minor pangs in the front of my ankle this time. wtf.). Hurrah!


We Are Not Martha said...

Aww that's such a pretty/fun run! Doesn't it just seem easier to run when you take the scenic route?


Jamie said...

the natty's were playing the giants last night!

Karena said...

runs go by so quickly when i'm snapping away with the camera haha

true story. i looked up the game schedule AFTER i mapped my route. breathed a huge sigh of relief when i saw the giants were in the hotness.