Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I know, I know, I haven't posted in over a week. I was doing so well, too! Here's a quickie about what I've been up to. Recipes will follow.

I was so excited about the half marathon that I forgot to tell you guys about my Ferry Building Farmers Market experience! Since the race fell on the same day as my usual farmers market, I figured I'd take the opportunity to explore another one.

I've been to the Ferry Building market a couple times, but I've never actually shopped before. I started my morning off right at the Primavera stand. Instead of going with the Chilaquiles, I decided to try something new...
Oaxacan Tlacoyos (black bean and masa cakes with queso fresco, chorizo, salsa verde, white onions, radishes and cilantro) - I might even say these are better than the chilaquiles! The masa cakes were perfectly crisp and soft in the inside...sort of like a super crispy pupusa. The chorizo provided a nice kick, but it was a little oily for me. I loved the crispness and flavor of the radishes and onions. They were a refreshing contrast to the masa cake and chorizo!

After enjoying my breakfast on the pier, I wandered around for an hour totally overwhelmed by all the vendors. I am not allowed! I can zoom through Fort Mason in 15 minutes max...I've already flagged my favorite vendors! I ended up doing 5 laps trying to figure out what I wanted to buy. Yeeh. I ended up with a few peaches (I think I'm now up to 8 as far as varieties I've tried)
That super light colored one was a last minute grab and it was called Strawberry somethingorother. I'm not a fan. It was the first thing I snacked on when I got home that day and I thought the skin was way too thick for a peach. Bleh.

I also got some mixed greens...I found a stall that let you mix and match. My mix included dandelion greens, sweet mixed greens and wild arugula.
I enjoyed my little mix...especially the arugula :) I also snagged some baby bok choy and a little gem. My bok choy was only $.50!
A long, but successful farmers market adventure. I don't think I'll be hitting up the Ferry Building Market anytime soon since it was super crowded and a little pricier than my Fort Mason one. Cannot wait to return to Fort Mason this Sunday :)

Ok, so what have I been up to since we last chatted...
I built a couch with the help of a friend. Yeah, that sucker finally arrived and to my surprise it wasn't assembled. Boo.
Happy houred at Gordon Biersch with a couple out of town friends.

Visited some tourist attractions with the out of town visitors. I also hijacked friend's fancy camera so keep an eye out for more pictures.
Dined on a yummy Quinoa Bowl (with sautéed vegetables & greens in ginger miso sauce) at Plant and sampled a friend's PLANT burger (made in house from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews & bulgur wheat). My quinoa bowl was nice and gingery, salty and sweet, however I think it may have been a little too salty since my fingers puffed up a little afterward. Bleh.

Friend's PLANT burger was awesome. The beets actually made it look like he was chomping on some raw beef, but once you bit into it there was no denying it was a lentil burger. I loved it. I'd even eat the patty on it's own!

Brought back early morning runs with a 6:45am start Saturday morning. I had a 16 miler planned, 7 of which would be run with a running group through Golden Gate Park. I mapped 6.25 miles through Presidio Heights (with 3 massive hills I had to walk up) and the o so very flat Richmond District. I managed to get to the group run just in time and we looped through Golden Gate Park and then I convinced a couple ladies to keep going for another 3ish miles along the Great Highway. Total milage: 16.88. Total time: 3:13.

Hosted dinner at my home for the first time ever! On the menu:
Tomato, Fontina and Basil Tarts
Trader Joe's Arancini
Sole Wrapped Asparagus with Mustard Tarragon Sauce served over a Potato Pancake

Stay tuned for recipes of all these goodies :)


MarathonVal said...

50 cents for ALL that bok choy?!?! I swear I live in the priciest city in the world as far as grocery shopping goes.

My mom grew up in CA and always tells me how much I would love the Ferry Building but I've never been... jealous!

Jamie said...

do you think one can order those w/o so much red onion? otherwise, they look good.