Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Am I suffering from runner burnout? Ugh. SO frustrated right now.

I attempted an 8 miler today since the weather decided to return to normal and failed miserably. WHY O WHY?? It's like everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong...
  1. Even though it was no longer running shorts weather, I put on the shorts I laid out for yesterday's effort (that didn't happen because it was way too hot). I forgot to rock the Body Glide and I wore the looser pair of my favorite shorts. ANNOYING. Bunching, riding up, ARGH. I had to adjust every 2 minutes!
  2. Apparently I need a haircut because even the tightest ponytail holder won't hold my heavy hair up. On top of having to adjust my shorts, my hair was constantly loose and coming undone. Had to fix it at every stoplight.
  3. Dropped iPhone twice while fixing situation #2.
I don't know...maybe it was just one of those days. My stride felt off, my shoes didn't feel right, terrible. I ended up just running 3 miles and walking the rest of the way home. As usual I got bored and charged up a couple hills at the end. Ech. Disappointed. Big time.


rUntoNamAste said...

I'm convinced. There's a conspiracy against us Chicago Marathoners in training. I feel your pain girl. Failure has been the name of ALL my runs thus far but I'm fighting until I can fight no more. Hang in there, atleast you have one successful long run and that counts for something.

MarathonVal said...

Aww sorry you had a bad run, it happens to the best of us! We can only hope that we have fabulous weather on race day, that's the only thing I care about... if that happens we will be golden :)

PS I'm psyched to meet you in October finally!!