Monday, February 1, 2010

BSI and a Souper dinner

Hi all! Be sure to hop on over to Travel Eat Love for this week's Blogger Secret's a yummy one!

The no-contest winner of BSI Tofu is Biz from Biggest Diabetic Loser - check out her creation here! Shoot me an email ( with your address and bag choice and I'll pop your prize in the mail!

I took a break from regularly scheduled cooking to sample something I've been intrigued by for quite some time. The Soupergirl! I've heard about her over the past year or so and I've always been curious about all the soups she makes. Basically it's a dynamic mother/daughter duo from the DC area that make homemade yummy soups from local and organic ingredients. Their soups are also 100% vegetarian.

They offer two soups a week (a hearty soup and a puree soup) and you place your order online for either delivery or pick up. Pints are $6.75 and VERY filling. Quarts are $12.75.

I snagged a pint of Jamaican Me Crazy Sweet Potato Soup (sweet potatoes, orange and lime juice, coconut milk, curry and other spices, dark rum) for tonight's dinner and while I really loved the idea of all those ingredients together, I was a little weary about the fact that it was a creamy soup (I'm not a big creamy soup fan). I took the plunge and nuked it up.

Initial thoughts? Excellent texture. Perfect thickness and I loved the itty bits of ginger and (maybe?) zest. I immediately tasted the lime juice and LOVED it with the other flavors. The acidity/tanginess is very apparent, but it's not at all overpowering. It was VERY rich, but what else do you expect from a potato soup with coconut milk? I think I'd eat this soup again in a smaller portion - maybe 1/4 or 1/2 a pint? Definitely not as a whole dinner...too rich for me.

Overall thoughts? I may see what else Soupergirl has to offer in the coming months! I really love that combination of ginger, orange and lime with the other ingredients - totally unexpected. The soups are a bit pricey for pints and quarts, but definitely worth checking out if you find a soup that sounds interesting! FYI - next week's chili sounds DEEELIIISSSHH.

More tomorrow - crashing super early so I can get up and run/walk in an empty gym!


Kelly said...

You are right, that tofu recipe does look delicious.

And, yeah- just realized the mango was on top of SOLE not salmon in the post below, oops. Apparently I only read first letters of words late at night on Mondays. Oh well, I like sole too :)

Jess (Fit Chick in the City) said...

Soup girl sounds delish! I love that they use organic ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking me - I guess it wasn't hard since I was the only one to enter! :D

I'll send you an email.

I LOVE creamy soups so I would be all over that!

Travel Eat Love said...

Yum, that soup sounds great! Thanks for the BSI shoutout!

Karena said...

I really loved the flavors going on in the soup and I may try to play around with them later on this week.

Kelly - mango and salmon will TOTALLY go together. i remember getting a sushi roll with salmon and mango and thought it was a great and refreshing combo. go for it!!