Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Overall, today kinda blew. I'm already burnt out and not thinking properly and I'm only starting week two of this crazy 60+ hours of jury duty/store/office nonsense. GAH! I neeeeeded to get an experimental run in today so I left the office around 7 in hopes that I'd avoid the gym crowds.

I started out with my Mizuno Riders (soft, neutral, ran MCM fine heel striking in them) at a walk and a 3 minute forefoot striking run - exactly what I did last Wednesday in the Inspires. Result - Tightness and a slight pulling feeling in my achilles. Not good. Swapped the Inspires in and proceeded to run/walk for another 25 minutes...WITH NO PAIN! Well, I had a little tightness at the end, but that was probably because I shouldn't have pushed it past 20 minutes. Good news, right?!

Lesson learned. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'll never stray from the trusty Inspires again. EVER. :)

To celebrate (and decompress from earlier in the day), I poured myself a glass of wine:
I grabbed this bottle on Friday per the Cleveland Park Wines dude's recommendation. I initially asked if they carried Ridge (specifically the Geyserville - LOVE!) and mentioned a few other reds I enjoyed. I then picked up a bottle of white (random, yes) and asked if he had any Malbec suggestions...a good meal bottle that was reasonably priced. So he handed me a bottle of this Cedre Heritage Cahors Malbec. He said this region in France was where Malbecs originated, so figured I'd give it a shot.

It's not too bold of a wine, but it's enough to suit my tastes. I also opened the bottle and let it sit for a little while before pouring a glass. At about $13 a bottle, I think it's a great red to bring to a dinner party. Kudos to Cleveland Park Wines! I never would have thought about trying a French Malbec!

For dinner, I went with a spicy oat bowl (Allison - genius creation!) made with some chicken broth instead of water and some leftover camembert from Friday's wine and cheese-ness. Also threw in some salsa, sriracha and Morningstar Farms Maple Sausage. I thought a happy face was fitting after today:
Every oat bowl needs sausage hair ;p

Ok, I'm off to do some stretches/Stick-ing and watch some LOST!!!! More tomorrow :)


MarathonVal said...

I was just talking to a friend yesterday about Malbec... until then I had never heard of it. Oh goodness, I have so much to learn about wine :)

Have a great night!

Jamie said...

i dont know about an argentine wine, but i could go for a $10 argentine steak :)

Anonymous said...

OOoh - I've thought about doing a non-sweet oatmeal bowl (mine almost *always* has pb and/or honey) but never knew what would taste good thrown in there! Voila!!

Malbec - one of the few Reds I like. Mmmm. Go, CP Wine Guy! ;)