Saturday, February 27, 2010


Work week is OVER!! I'm so excited to finally have a Sunday off :)

I took the rest of the week easy and tried my best to eat leftovers...nothing too exciting on the food front. I did get a call the other day from my front desk saying I had a FedEx waiting for me. I had no idea what it could possibly be. Definitely didn't order anything. I didn't think...
Ta da! I completely forgot I opted in to Foodbuzz's Tastemaker item this month - Bertolli Sauces! Inside this nifty little box:
I'm psyched to try the Arrabbiata Sauce...maybe I'll use it tomorrow when I have friends over for dinner. I'm thinking something with eggplant? Stay tuned to find out what I do :)

Other than that, my week was pretty laid back. Didn't get any run/walks in after Monday since I still haven't been feeling 100%. Instead I caught up on this:
Oh, Lost, how I've missed you so much! I skipped the last two episodes because I had work to get done so I sat down last night to play catch up. LOVE!

I've also gotten into this:
And wish I had known how awesome Arrested Development was while it was on the air! I seriously cackled repeatedly. Alone. In my apartment. Loudly. You bet I will be Netflixing the other seasons soon.

I'm also counting the days till my next vacation...a much needed break!! Where am I off to?
*me on the trip of many firsts - first trip to SF and first marathon :)

That's right, back to one of my favorite cities at the end of the month! WOOO! I'm definitely up for food suggestions and blogger meet ups!

That's all for now. I've got a day of cooking planned for tomorrow so I'll have plenty to post :) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!


Janice said...

I opted in for the Bertlli Sauces too and I am looking forward to use them. Have a wonderful weekend!

MarathonVal said...

I've actually never seen Arrested Development - but if you like it that much, perhaps I should go add it to my Netflix queue soon!

Enjoy your day off! :)

Kelly said...

Gotta love surprise packages :)

matt said...

you're so cosmopolitan.