Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok, so I seriously doubted this 'Snopocalypse' everyone in the DC area was talking about…especially since the flurries were barely sticking at 2pm. I woke up this morning (after a Ryan Reynolds evening watching this and this) to a very thick blanket of snow. Check out the view from the living room:
Yes, we face an alley. I looked out the window a little before I took this picture and saw some people walking…um, easily up to mid-shin of snow. CRAZY! I don't remember DC getting this much snow since 2003 when I also happened to live in this building! I was excused for like a week (really 2 or 3 days) from my internship because of the weather…and my roomie was trapped in PA (I think?). Insane storm! People were playing in the middle of Connecticut Avenue (pretty major street)!

I've been known to complain about my building on occasion, but it's times like this that I seriously start to appreciate all the amenities. For example, I needed to get my second run/walk session of the week in today. All I had to do was pop downstairs to crank out a quick 30 minute session while watching news coverage of the storm and I was even able to fit in a fair amount of strength and stretching in! Brought some bags and warm clothes with me and 2 minutes later I'm off to the Giant!

BIG BIG perk of my building - underground passageway to the grocery store. OMG, best idea ever. Basically, you cut through two parking garages with signs like this one so you don't get lost:
And then poof, you're in the parking garage for the Giant! This was the scene at 10:30am:
MUCH better than what I saw cutting through yesterday afternoon!

Inside was the most depressing scene EVER. The produce section was wiped out. Apparently everyone has loaded up on bags of salad, lemons and carrots. No joke. Those were the big stand out items as I walked through. Lemons???
I managed to snag a few essentials for my next two kitchen experiments, plus a container of oats for breakfast. I figured cereal wasn't going to happen since all they had left were gallon jugs of whole milk - GROSS. They didn't have any scallions for tonight's dinner, but there was one lonely leek that seemed to scream at me. I'm going to make it work…just because I like a challenge.

As I type this, I realize this is the 3rd time I've been to the store and totally forgotten to pick up a bottle of this:
You can say I'm obsessed with the Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic Barbecue Sauce. It's mustard-based, so it's a given that I love it ;p, and it has a great tang and kick to it. I've mentioned this to my sister TONS of times and she went searching for it over Christmas when she made some crock pot pulled pork. Apparently Sticky Fingers is hard to come by in the island of the long, so I said I'd either send or bring up a bottle. Clearly my brain hadn't been fed it's daily dose of caffeine yet.

I'm off to start/marinate tonight's experiment - hint: it's not tropical and it doesn't involve a creature of the sea. Branching out!! Happy snow day! :)


rUntoNamAste said...

OMG, the produce section wipe out happened in Jerz too! Everyone FREAKED the frick out, only for us to not get blasted. No snow, no flurries, nothing! [sorry, not trying to rub it in :)] That underground passage is definitely the best.amenity.ever! Stay warm, chica!

ESH said...

I just came across your blog and I am SO jealous of your building! We have NO treadmill and NO underground tunnel to the grocery store (ps that is AMAZING.) I went yesterday after the storm hit because I needed eggs and they were all out! I hate the panic that cripples DC during these storms.

Jamie said...

i like how it says "to shopping mall." but, there's no mall. Only Giant!

Travel Eat Love said...

I can't believe the snow you have and that we don't have a flake here in Boston! And lemons? Weird thing to stock up on, but at least people are avoiding scurvy ;)