Monday, February 15, 2010

Treats, Tots and Thai...o my!

It's been quite a weekend over here! Friday and Saturday were kinda hectic since I finally got back to the work routine after all the snow madness. I ended up throwing a quick quesadilla together as I Skyped with Jamie on Friday night. Note to self - not a fan of whole wheat tortillas and must stop buying them.

Mid-Skype session, I checked the mail and found out I had a package from my sister. A package filled with fun treats! Check it out:
I immediately tore into the Terra Sweets and Beets because I have a crazy soft spot for the Terra Sweet Potato Chips. The beets were surprisingly sweet! However, after a couple beet chips, they started to taste too earthy and I decided I preferred the sweet potato ones.

I sampled the Alexia Onion Strips and thought they were pretty good. It was like eating an onion ring, but in chip form. There were even little onion pieces inside!

Still haven't tried the Wasabi Rice Crackers or this Balsamic Glaze, though.
I might see how it works with some chicken or maybe even some salmon later on this week. Any ideas??

Saturday was more rushed/eating in front of the computer time. Skyped for the second day in a row with Jamie to keep him posted on some apartment drama. I'll just leave it at I am really irritated with my building right now. Grr.

I whipped up a quick turkey sammich
with some spinach, swiss, avocado and a smear of this mustard:
I noticed the Country Dijon with Merlot and Shallots last time I was at World Market picking up my favorite Spicy Apple Mustard and figured I'd give it a shot. It's a little too tangy for my taste...definitely prefer the Spicy Apple.

The Giant was restocked, but they didn't have my favorite Arnold bread (Flax & Fiber) - SAD! Instead I opted for this one:
It wasn't bad, but it was missing the texture the Flax & Fiber bread has. Ah well. It'll do for now. Are you picky about your bread? What's your favorite?

I also picked up some ingredients to make zucchini bread and carrots to snack on. Somehow my carrots ran away after I put them on my plate. I have no idea where the rest of the bag went. Pretty sure I accidentally tossed them while cleaning...or maybe I'll find them in the back of the freezer or in a cabinet one day. Seriously, I have NO IDEA where they went. How do you lose a bag of baby carrots??

Anyway, I pushed off the bread and cleaning until Sunday morning...I was way too sleepy to get it done Saturday night. I woke up bright and early Sunday to get started on this Zucchini Bread recipe from Made by Melissa.

About halfway through the mixing, I realized I didn't have enough brown sugar and the brown sugar I did have was solid as a rock. Yeeh. I Googled substitutions and apparently white sugar was fine so I threw every last bit of white sugar I had in the house...and was still a few tablespoons short!

Another bump in the road - mixing the sugar and oil together. It looked like the slush outside on the street...with pebbles of the brown sugar. Awesome. This is why I don't bake. I figured I'd just keep going and pray it worked out fine. It eventually started looking like normal batter by the time I folded in the zucchini and walnuts. Poured them into my one loaf pan and the remainder into a muffin tin.

The result?
The outside was crispy (which I like) and the middle was nice and moist and fluffy. Definitely unlike the zucchini bread my mom used to make. It didn't have much of a zucchini taste to it and it wasn't super dense.

The muffins were cute, no? The, not so much. I flipped it out of the pan onto a cooling rack and uhh yeah...

I know this is going to sound shocking, but bear with me...I didn't want to cook dinner last night. *GASP* SOOO we ended up ordering from Paragon Thai (surprise! haha). No photos, but between the three of us, we shared some Veggie Pad Thai, Chicken Pad Ka Pow (chicken sauteed in hot chili and garlic with fresh basil, onion and red & green pepper) and Chicken Pad Ka Na (chicken sauteed with broccoli in light brown and garlic sauce). ALL DELICIOUS. Well, the Veggie Pad Thai wasn't as good as the Tofu Pad Thai I got a few weeks ago. I don't know what it was. Maybe because it wasn't as spicy? Who knows. YUM YUM.

We closed out the evening with (yet another) Skype session with Jamie - I think my nephews were more fascinated with the fact that they could see themselves in the computer ;) and a viewing of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. I've been trying to watch the first one for the past week since it's on FX all the time. I ended up passing out early ha.

An early wakeup got us out the door and to the International Spy Museum
and I walked out with this t-shirt because it's awesome:
Lunch was a quickie trip to Chop't, where I was bummed to see they no longer had the Chop't Ten Vegetable Salad! I was totally in the mood for it too! I ended up making my own salad, which always gets out of control. What can I say, I love salad toppings!

The fam scooted around 3 to beat the impending snow storm, but just barely made it. The minute they walked out the door, the snow started coming down at a pretty steady and heavy pace. ENOUGH ALREADY!! Hopefully they get home before it hits NY!

I'm off to clean and get ready for work. Lots of stuff to get done tonight and *sigh* back to jury duty tomorrow :( Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend!


rUntoNamAste said...

I have to remember to eat before reading your blog hehe. Zucchini bread is my absolute favorite and I will be going on the hunt for some NOW!

Loving the shirt, but definitely not loving the 'sneaky' snow. GAH!

Eliza said...

OMG! I L.O.V.E. that shirt! heheh