Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowday parte dos!

Around 9am this morning I got an email saying the store was closed - thank you blizzard of 2010 for giving me a much needed mini-break :) :)

I made myself a leisurely breakfast (to the tune of upstairs stomping, AGAIN) of some coffee and Peanut Butter & Jelly Oats:
Can you tell I was in a good mood when I made my bowl?? :)

Eyes and smile brought to you by my favorite jelly eeeeeevvvvver:
I'm not really into sweet things and I love that lingonberry jelly is slightly tart (think cranberries - I think they're related) and sweet. Just enough for me! I'm also pretty partial to this brand. What kind of jelly/jam/preserve do you like?

Overall, my first PB&J oat bowl experience was ok. I definitely prefer the spicy oat bowl, but this was a fun change. I might just stick to smearing my PB&J on bread, though.

Any fun Superbowl Sunday plans? I'm not really into it and the piles of snow aren't exactly calling me to leave the house, so i'm going to continue with the productive weekend. Hoping to get a little more into this book:
The THIRD I've read this month. Sorry I haven't had a chance to recap this one:
Or even mention that I started and finished this one:
But I figured, I'd touch on all of them later on. I will say that I really loved the first two and am really enjoying this third one (I'm a little less than halfway through).

More later...time to bask in my free Sunday :)


Travel Eat Love said...

Lucky you for a free day! I have soooo much to do but am feeling really meh and wondering if I push too hard today I will ruin my energy for the week.
We have Superbowl party plans, but I may skip those. Its too late for a school night!

Kelly said...

Totally agree with you about the Superbowl- not into it! those pb and j oats make me happy!

Jamie said...

i like guava jelly and nutmeg jelly...but not together :)

Anonymous said...

Whooop - Snow days!! i have today off, and i'm SO freaking excited. :)

I tried pb&j oats a while ago! I was like hmm, why not? With you - I wasn't really that impressed, but it was tasty. I always go with Strawberry jam for toast - but grape jelly for pb & j.