Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hmph. That'll teach me to post at work!

What's with the funky layout, blogger? Has anyone experienced weird text issues (different fonts and sizes throughout a single posting even though it looks fine when you type it?) with blogger? Boo. Ah well. It's a sign I shouldn't be blogging at work hehe.

This will be quick since I've been writing some pretty hefty entries!
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Since I had an appointment out near Jamie's office after work, we decided to grab dinner at
one of Jamie's favorite lunch spots - Pollos Inka out in Herndon. We stopped here once before, pre-Leesburg outlet outing, and went with the Pollo a la Brasa.

I have take a minute to tell you about my
looooove of Peruvian rotisserie chicken. AMAZING. I can't bring myself to eat any other kind of chicken...it just doesn't compare to whatever delicious spices they put on that bird! It's such a distinct smell too...I've smelled it on long runs before and I've started salivating and CRAVING chicken. SO GOOOD! Anyway, my favorite place to get Pollo a la Brasa is El Pollo Rico in Arlington. Fast, reasonably priced and perfectly cooked chicken. I'm a white meat sort of girl and I have never had a dry peice of meat at this place. Check out my brief review here.

Pollos Inka doesn't quite compare to EPR, but it does have a
large menu...and pupusas! Oh pupusas, you are up there on my list of favorite foods! I was a little overwhelmed with the menu and couldn't decide on something other than chicken, so I went with the chicken. 1/4 white meat with yuca fries instead of rice and beans (I also will take yuca fries over regular fries any day).
Ta daa. Pictures courtesy of the Berry...in all their blurry goodness. That's what happens when you don't come prepared with a camera!

And the yummy pupusas.
A tad smooshy, but definitely tasty!


Mia {runs and rests} said...

It's my first time to learn about pupusas. They look yummy!
Have been having blogger problems recently, too. Boo!

Jessica said...

We had pupusas in Hawaii, they were so good! Yum!

Morgan said...

You're too sweet! Glad you liked my little baring of the soul. Sometimes you have to find the inspiration within to push through a tough one...

P.S. Now I'm hungry... your blog always does that to me!!! :)

Trish said...

Agh! Blogger drives me nutty. I always have issues with the text coming up funky.

Angharad said...

mmm pupusas and yuca fries... *drools all over keyboard*
That looks so good!
Blogger annoys the hell out of me - whenever I try to blog from work it effs up my layout - super weird and super grr!

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Oooh, that sounds good! I've never had it. I had issues today with blogger, too. My pictures were uploading very slowly.

Susan L. T. said...

PERUVIAn chicken!