Friday, August 7, 2009


Because we have a super early wake up tomorrow.

I did some shopping at job number two this much for saving the extra money! I managed to walk out with quite the bag of goodies haha.

Since I'm starting to loathe my fuel belt (I don't know what's going on, but it's been hiking my shorts up a lot lately and bruising my hip bone), I've been browsing hand held bottle options. I really wanted this one:
And meant to take a trip to City Sports between DCCK and work today, but it just didn't happen. So I stared down the new hand helds we got at the store. After much thought, and walking around with it on my hand, I went with this one:
Allow me to introduce you to my Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Pocket. I shall call him
Kermie. He's coming with me on my 14 mile run tomorrow morning so I'll be sure to report back :)

I also walked away with some nutritional items:
I'm giving solids another shot. I've heard a ton of great things about the Luna Moons, so here we go! I took a sample of each flavor when I got home and yeah...not a fan of the Sport Beans. I think it's the saltiness combined with the sweetness and candy shell that just doesn't do it for me. The Moons on the other hand, YUUUM. The texture was a little better than the Shot Bloks and the flavor was freaking awesome. Watermelon was great - the PERFECT amount of sweetness. Blueberry was good too, but I'm a little concerned that it'll be too sweet for me while running. Since I'm weird about textures, I'm leaving these a little open overnight so they're not so smooshy/goopy. Again, I'll be sure to report back on these post-run!

We had a change of plans for dinner this evening since I wasn't feeling the whole cooking thing. I decided to push the BSI entry to tomorrow night and went with last night's leftovers from Naan & Beyond. You like that? Indian food the evening before a 14 miler? Introducing new energy products? New water bottle? haha. I can't wait to see how this goes. I will absolutely die if everything goes smoothly!

As I'm typing this, I got a gchat message from a friend of mine asking if I wanted to go to a house party. Is it weird that I now have no problems/don't feel bad or awkward saying no to a social activity on a Friday night? I'll admit that when I first got into running, I felt really lame saying no to a happy hour or party on a Friday night, but now I'm like eff that. I make very rare exceptions and sometimes I think my friends think I'm crazy. But that's ok. They stick around ;p

Again, sorry for all the running posts one after another! I'm planning on getting back on the fun food track starting tomorrow! For inspiration I might just have to pick up a copy of...
This has been on my Amazon wishlist for a long time and now that the movie is out, I feel compelled to rush out to buy it! Has anyone read it? Seen the movie yet? Thoughts on either?


Anonymous said...

Yeah if I get the job at Teavana, my whole paycheck will be spent on teas!

Mia {runs and rests} said...

Good luck on your 14 miler!
That's the top movie I want to see this year. Val said it was really great!

MarathonVal said...

The book was good,but - and I could be wrong about this since I read the book at least 2 years ago - I think the movie was WAY better!!!

Have you read The Time Traveler's Wife? If not THAT one I absolutely recommend you read.... IMMEDIATELY :)

Morgan said...

I've been contemplating the handheld myself. I don't run with a fuel belt but I do have a spibelt that has stuff in it and it's really annoying.

Now I'm off to see how your 14 miler went... especially after eating that for dinner! Crazy girl!!!