Saturday, August 29, 2009

Quick post b/c my computer hates me

My computer freaks out almost every time I turn it on, telling me I have practically no disk space...even after I delete a whole bunch of things. AGH! So frustrating. It's getting sent off to get checked out while we're on vacation, so I apologize for the short, all over the place post! I'll write more once I get my butt near a functioning computer!

For now, a few highlights -
  • Pizza for dinner Friday - toppings and sauce were delicious, whole wheat Boboli, not so delicious. I think from now on, if I want pizza it's just going to be regular must! I'll post pics soon of my creation.
  • After a slight misunderstanding, I found myself altering today's scheduled 17 miler in VA to an 18 miler (I really only threw that extra mile in b/c it seemed silly to stop between two metro stops, not far from home) downtown. Jamie ran the first 10 with me and I ended up finishing in just over 11 min pace - WITH a not so pretty uphill on Connecticut Avenue from Farragut North to Cleveland Park! I also showed Hains Point who was boss...ME! muahahaaa! Got home, stretched briefly, made a ghetto wrapSabra Supremely Spicy Hummus and turkey in a multigrain tortilla), and off to work for 7 hours...on my feet. SO glad to be sitting right now. (
  • Around 4pm, my stomach couldn't stand it anymore so I fed it some California Tortilla. Got the Carnitas Soft Taco - holy delicious. Totally hit the spot.
  • Off to watch Body of Lies now since computer is yelling at me. I'm a nerd and really want to check this movie out b/c they were filming this when I worked near the White House. Totally guilty of doing stalker laps mid-day for Leo and Russell sightings. haha.
Hope you're all having fantastic weekends! I'll try to find a computer to post tomorrow! I've got some fun stuff in store for everyone :)


MarathonVal said...

Good luck with the computer problems! I'm sure it will get worked out soon!

In the meantime, just try not to worry about it (I know it's hard not to!) and relax instead and enjoy your free time that you have when you don't have to blog! :)

Rosey Rebecca said...

I love whole wheat crust! My mom tells me that it's not real pizza if it's made with WW, but I think she's crazy!

J said...

I love Sabra's Supremely Spicy Hummus but have a hard time finding it in DC. The Teet is usually the only place I can find the spicy one. Is that where you got yours? Yum.

Karena said...

J - Jamie grabbed it at the Van Ness Giant yesterday since they were having a sale! I think 4 for $10? Have you had the jalapeno one? Soooo good!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly which part of Connecticut ave you are talking about and WHEW that is rough! especially mid-LR. impressive! :)