Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Looks like I've got some catching up to do

Hihi! Sorry to disappear for a bit...it's a hectic week between running and work. Plus, my computer seems to be mad at me for some reason. Ah well. Yesterday was break-from-blogging night since I had to squeeze a run in before a friend's birthday celebration. What a way to kick off the week!

I had a
fabulous review at work #1 which was both good and bad - basically, it confirmed that I need to start thinking about exactly what I want to do. Where do I want to go from here? What do I want to be when I grow up? Anyway, I left with that to marinate on...among other things.

On that list of other things is
my running - specifically my speed. I've been feeling slow lately. I think I'm a cautious runner. I've always run at a comfortable pace...it's like I'm always saving up extra energy for who knows what. I think about all my races and the one thing they have in common is that I've felt perfectly fine afterward - like I could keep going. That can't be right. So, my mission is to change that.
Last night was
day one of my mini experiment. I took my 4 mile run indoors on the treadmill because I knew that was the only way I could keep a steady pace. I started off with a comfortable mile around 9:30 min pace and then bumped it up to 9 minute pace for the next mile. I felt good and light on my feet so I bumped it up again to 8:25ish min pace for the last two miles. I was definitely breathing heavier than normal, but I was still feeling good. By the end of it, I really only started feeling a slight burn in the legs, but could have easily gone another half mile or so. I ended up finishing all 4 miles in 36 minutes so I guess it evens out to what I've been running on my shorter runs. Not too shabby :)

As I mentioned earlier, I had to cram that run in before heading out to the Uptown Tavern for a friend's birthday happy hour. I remember the Uptown Tavern as
Park Bench Pub (and when I actually looked it up to confirm, I found out it hasn't been Park Bench since 2005 - holy crap I'm old) and it is changing hands yet once again. The owners of Sabores next door (the random tapas place we checked out earlier this summer) are expanding into the Uptown Tavern's space to make room for a lounge of some sort. What does that mean? Well, right now it means that you walk into a total dive bar that serves you food from Sabores - on the fancy plates and with cloth napkins. Also, on Sundays and Mondays food is 40% off. Yes. 40%.

We walked back to the apartment and I was shocked to see that I had a package in the mail. I totally forgot about the book from The Special K Treatment. Hooray!! Can't wait to read it!
For breakfast this morning, I packed a container of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt with Honey
I've read so much about Oikos on blogs lately that I really wanted to check it out. The Giant by us doesn't sell it, so I was psyched to see that the Teet in Pentagon City did. I grabbed one of the
Honey cups and a couple Plain ones to sample.

I sprinkled the usual suspects into this cup of yogurt, and it has good a
good texture and flavor (the price was definitely better than my usual Fage), but I dunno...I think I like controlling the amount of honey in my yogurt. I got really nervous because I didn't realize the honey was on the bottom (no I don't read packaging) and I started thinking o crap, this is going to be gross. Thankfully they didn't go overboard with the honey :) I think I'd buy the Oikos again. I'll let you know how the plain goes!

As I pulled that picture off my camera, I found this one:
AGH! How could I forget this from Sunday?? It was so yummy! A coworker brought a pint of Ciao Bella Sicilian Blood Orange Sorbet in for Breakfast Thursday a couple weeks ago and I was so excited to see these single serving ones at the Teet (oh, I miss the Teet!). This flavor was so
delicious and refreshing! I also grabbed a container of Turkish Pistachio Gelato for Jamie, which he promptly devoured.

Anyway, I got a little off track there. Dinner tonight was
fast and simple. An August Stir Fry! Wow, I think I do a stir fry every month. Do you have a meal you've been making a lot lately?
This month's version included
bean sprouts, green pepper, onions, chili garlic paste, oyster sauce, Tempura sauce and a package of this:
Um, I'm not going to lie. I may have developed a love of wheat protein in the past few months. Wow. I never thought I'd see myself type that. I like the texture - much more than squishy tofu in stir fry. This beats trying to press tofu only to get a mildly firm product that still falls apart when you cook it. Don't doubt the wheat protein until you try it!

Ok kids, I'm off...attempting an early EARLY morning run w/Jamie in the morning. If this actually takes place, I'm totally marking this day off on the calendar. Me, run at 5am? PSH. Riiiight.

Promise I'll catch up on reading and commenting tomorrow afternoon!! Google Reader is piling up! Agh!

Btw, since walking is just as cool as running - especially when it comes to good causes - I think you should click here.


Rosey Rebecca said...

I bet you 5 dollars that you can wake up at 5:00AM and have a great run and feel awesome!! I may have to try that wheat protein because I can't get past the texture of tofu. It grosses me out-even the name does!

alicat said...

I tend hold back on runs too. I ran track and cross country in high school, so I know I'm capable of more (but the back surgeries kind of impede on speed now). But, I always end much faster or feel fine afterward. I blame part of this on running alone..with a little one, most of my runs are impromtu and either really early or late at night...scheduling with someone is near impossible!

I love Stonybrook Farm yogurt usually in low or non-fat vanilla. I like to add frozen or fresh berries to it, but I liked the look of your honey/craisin/pumpkin seed snack! I'm going to give it a try, but I'll have to find the Greek version.

Julia said...

OMG I totally know what you mean about marinating on "what do I want to be when I grow up?" I've been soul searching for that answer for quite some time.... I wish it was an easier answer to figure out.

Awesome job incorporating some speed into your run; I've found that speed sessions are key in improving pace.

PS I love me some greek yogurt :)

Holly said...

ohhh i will have to try the wheat protein! what a great addition to a stir fry!

Anonymous said...

I'm not the *biggest* fan of Greek Yogurt - but this Honey flavor sounds gooood!

I do the opposite on runs now ( I Used to hold back) and sometimes it totally backfires. Three miles in I'm like OMG why did I go so fast?! I always run negative splits, so it can really get me in the end. ha, but I guess it can't always be a bad thing. I think the treadmill helps, smart choice!

MarathonVal said...

1) That book looks so cute!!

2) I love the blood orange flavor.. it's awesome isn't it?!?!?

What are you running this weekend? I've got a cutback week so only 12. Happy running!

Anonymous said...

Woot woot for speed! I'm doing intervals every other week. Lung killers but doable. :D