Friday, August 28, 2009

It's like my inbox has ESPN or something...

Creepy. My RW Quote of the Day email has been reading my mood:
I often lose motivation, but it's something I accept as normal.

- Bill Rodgers, Olympic marathoner
Some days I just lose all motivation to get out there and run. It helps that I have some running buddies to fall back on (it's really hard to bail on a run if you have a bunch of people waiting on you) and keep an extra pair of clothes at the office. I don't know what I'd do if V wasn't training for her first marathon - long runs are just not the same without someone to talk to and share in your early morning misery. How do you stay motivated?

For some reason last night's dinner didn't sit well in my belly, so maybe I'll scratch that from the quick post-run meal list. Perhaps breakfast this morning was an equally bad tummy choice:
Yep, I'm back to my standard Fage breakfast. I think I like how thick Fage is. I realized this after I started stirring everything together. The plain Oikos has a better flavor than the Fage (not too tart), but I really like the texture of the Fage. I wonder what would happen if I mixed them together. muahahahaaaa.

Off to the office for a few hours of work, erranding, maybe a run, some laundry and then a few hours at job #2! Just FOUR more days until vacation!! Woo!! Any fun weekend plans?


Rosey Rebecca said...

That happens to me with fortune cookies! lol. I'll open one and it will give me perfect advice. Gotta love those fortune cookies man!

I like Fage too! Let me know what happens when you mix oikos and fage together!!

Melissa said...

If I'm feeling unmotivated, I'll go read blogs of others who are training. Other people reaching their goals make me want to reach mine. If I'm not in the mood to run, I'll head to a class at the gym or turn on exercisetv. It's funny, but aerobics instructors definitely motivate me.

trialsoftraining said...

ha! mix them! that sounds smart. I like thicker yogurts too - I always go with the "thick and creamy" stuff. yummm

I thought the EXACT same thing about that quote. I was like "welll at least i'm not the only one!" ;) no special tricks for staying motivated other than - do some races, specifically With a group of friends. makes it much more fun/entertainin

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, honestly I don't know where my motivation comes from. Maybe because I'm still a newbie?
Weekend is packed but the most exciting for me would be going to a Japanese wedding tomorrow! :D