Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy busy!

Hey's been a busy week! Between picking up a couple extra shifts at the store and work work getting busier, it's been tough trying to juggle blogging and running. Plus I've been trying to battle this cold that seems to be winning. GRRR.

Last night Jamie met me after work to grab a quick dinner since we didn't have anything exciting at home. Instead of going with the usual Paragon Thai, we decided to pay a visit to California Tortilla (no camera!) where Jamie got a massive burrito and I got the
Caribbean Bowl (grilled marinated chicken breast, Mexican rice, black beans, low fat Caribbean mango sauce, fresh salsa and romaine). I didn't really taste the Caribbean mango sauce, so I ended up throwing some J.T Pappy's Flamin' Gator Sauce.
This sauce was a little sweet and tangy and had just the right amount of heat. It sort of reminded me of the Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic BBQ sauce. LOVE me some tangy, sweet and spicy sauce!

Wednesday night's dinner wasn't as exciting. It was one of those dump as many random things into a salad bowl sort of nights:
I was all concerned that we didn't have any fun salad toppings, but then I remembered I grabbed a Dole Hearty Italian Salad Kit (savory diced salami, aged Parmesan cheese, large-cut roasted garlic croutons, cracked peppercorn and herb seasoning) the last time I went to the grocery store. To it, I added some chickpeas, corn and avocado and ta daaa dinner in a bowl. Not exactly the most photogenic salad I've made, but it was pretty tasty.

I've been taking it easy on the runs this week (and by easy, I mean cutting WAAAY back) since I'm battling this cold. It's not fun at all. I feel like I'm missing such a big chunk of my weekly routine! I decided to attempt a quick run on the treadmill this evening to get my legs loose for tomorrow morning's 19 miler and mostly to break in the new kicks.
That is correct, if you're keeping count, this is my THIRD pair of the year. I'm so not a pink sort of girl (I did love my blue ones), but this was the only color they had in my size and I had to buy them online since our store no longer carries the Elites. Sad.

I bought them about a month ago, took them for a quick 4 miler and haven't run in them since. Why? Because these are going to be my marathon sneaks! And the way I've been churning through shoes, I was trying to hold off on running in them until about a month before the race.

Took them for a quick 2 mile run, did some strength work and woah...sinuses cleared up! Amazing! Pretty comfortable taking them on my long run tomorrow since the Elites have been much kinder to the balls of my feet. Here's hoping my sinuses enjoy tomorrow's run as much as my feet do! :)

Tonight was another buy dinner night - MUST stop these! We went with sushi this time - one of my favorite pre-long run meals. As usual, we ordered from Spices and despite the surprisingly long delivery time, the sushi was yummy as expected. It's not my absolute favorite place for sushi, but they are definitely good and reasonably priced when you need a quick sushi fix.

Jamie and I split 3 rolls (clockwise from the top)
Spicy Scallop Roll, Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll and a BBQ Eel & Cucumber Roll
A few pieces of nigiri (clockwise from top left) Jamie's Seared Tuna, my White Tuna, Jamie's Salmon Toro and my Salmon.
AAAND we split an Spring Onion Pancake appetizer
I wasn't too into the texture of the pancake - super squishy. I thought it was going to be crispier for some reason. Ah well. Lesson learned. Belly is content
with the rest of the meal!

I'm off to pop a Nyquil so I can get to bed early. Tomorrow's run starts at 5:45am followed by noon at the store! Yeesh!

'Tis the season for fall races - here are some other bloggers (and some non-bloggers ;p) with races this weekend:
Be sure to pop on over and spread the encouraging words!! Happy cool weather running :)


Rosey Rebecca said...

I try really hard to like sushi but it doesn't work. Have a great run tomorrow!

Janice said...

I like the shoes, been thinking of buying new ones. Have a great run tomorrow!

Selin said...

A+J scallion pancake. There is nothing better.

Karena said...

Not going to lie, after taking a bite of that spring onion pancake, I wished it was an A&J pancake. Sad day.