Thursday, September 24, 2009

Someone is moving...

and it's not me :(

Jamie just got a kick-ass opportunity with another company (yaay!). Unfortunately, that opportunity means he has to move to Korea for 3 months...starting at the end of October (big sad face). Let me provide you with a little graphic:

This is how I chose to spend 5 minutes of my day. HA.

While I'm really excited and happy about his new adventure, I can't help but be a tad bit selfish and sad that he won't be around for a few big events - the Marine Corps Marathon (I know, it's not like it's my first, but still), a wedding, Turkey Day, Christmas, his birthday/New Years. Sad. But it's just three months right? It's not like a whole year of no Chef Jamie. :)

I know, I sound like a big baby, but it's really hard to imagine what it'll be like living without the person you've lived with for (holy crap) almost 4 years? And it's not like he's just moving to the opposite coast - this one mother of a time difference!

So, please excuse me if I have scattered posts over the next few weeks. We've got lots to take care of (including a possible move to a smaller place for me) on top of work and training. Yeesh!

To distract me a little bit and keep me in the positive zone, here are some fall things I've got planned/am planning :)

  • Selin in town = good eats (keep an eye out for a post-Proof and A&J report!)
  • Sister, bro-in-law and my two adorable nephews in town for a last visit w/Jamie (yay fun kids!)
  • Wedding weekend in NJ w/just us girls from college :)
  • Mini-vacay to visit Selin in SF (weekend of the FoodBuzz Festival, but still sitting on whether or not I'll partake in the festivities. HELP!)

Ok, that really only brings me to early November haha. More to come after tonight's 8-miler!


Eliza said...

Wow! 3 months will pass in a JIF you'll see!

Just stay focused and keep busy!


Selin said...

YAY for Jamie
and YAY for all the awesome distracting and super fun things you have coming up. Dont be sad! This just means more travel opportunities!

Rosey Rebecca said...

Wow! What an amazing opportunity for Jamie! It'll go by so fast you won't even believe it! When Jeff went to London two summers ago for 2 weeks, I couldn't even talk to him on the phone. We had to communicate through email. It was tough. Now he's thinking of going to study abroad for a semester which will be really hard but we'll get through it! You guys will too!

Morgan said...

Congrats to Jamie on the big break and don't worry darling, we will keep you positive!!! It's only 3 months, it'll fly by and before you know it he'll be back!!!

Jamie said...

its not that far if you do the line over the west coast :) only a 1/2 inch or something

Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

So this is what you meant in my cooking for one post. I'm sorry, girl :( It's gotta be hard for you.

But yes, it's only three months, and it will fly by! Just think of how great it will be when he gets home!! Plus, maybe you can take the time to do something you haven't had time to do that you've been wanting to, or maybe find out something new about yourself!

Anonymous said...

Three months will pass quickly, any chance you can visit?
I am looking at flights to SFO right now. I REALLY want to go to the Food Buzz Fest!

Anonymous said...

Ha that is a Lovely graphic - really does the move justice. ;) 3 months will go quickly, especially with training and races and visits and trips AND holidays! but, no no, you don't sound like a baby.....4 years is a Long time.

in the meantime, we (of the blogging world) will try to keep you entertained too ;)

Rose said...

I totally understand your feelings - just stay focused and busy! The time really will fly.

Quinn said...

Agh! We need to do lunch, seeing you briefly in the building will not suffice. Korea?!?!!? So exciting, but I feel you on the distance thing. Geoff was in Houston for a month and that was a lot. And I'm excited you're in SF at the same time as Food Buzz. Go!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Aww, that's awesome for him!

Just think you'll have three months to focus on you which can be a really good thing :)